*Mantra for Today – Dive Deeply into Life

Spring time and Teddy

“Dive deeply into life”

Each day brings new possibilities

to explore, create, meet challenges and grow.

Our inner and outer journeys are interconnected.


Today … I will divide, move and create a perennial garden of shadow and light!

What will you dive deeply into today?

26 thoughts on “*Mantra for Today – Dive Deeply into Life

  1. It’s always so much easier to dive deeply into Nature. Today, I have to take Eloise (my truck) into the service place. Yay….
    I will dive deeply into goodness today. Truly, I say that in a not sarcastic way (the yay was sarcastic. I admit it.)

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    • I am inspired by your diving into goodness today Mary! I think I’ll borrow it for tomorrow ☺️
      I did enjoy my dive into the earth today though! Enhancing nature’s beauty and creating a canvas of colors, textures and light and shade feeds me deeply!


  2. I’ve had a long dive into the deep waters that surround those uprooted from everything they’ve known. It’s good to come up for air and find you delightful post. Love the garden and the little fellow who enjoys it ❤

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  3. I have been following you but notice I am not getting emails for new posts. I have changed that. 🙂 Your posts are always fantastic and is about one of my favorite subjects–finding your middle ground! 🙂

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