Awaken to the unknown part of you

That sits in the shadows,

That roars from the mountain top.

Embrace its cries in the dead of night,

The unfathomable dreams.

It is the yearning in us all

To be free from separation.

16 comments on “* The Unknown Part of You

  1. Loved it, Val. We all have unknown parts of us that yearn to roar joyously. In my not- so-recent retirement, I’ve let loose and embraced my creative side. Feels wonderful. 🙂


  2. Getting there thanks to you, Val!

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  3. Wonderful Val… I keep gathering those bits that get scattered 🙂 and roar often at them to get in line 🙂 Then I found the one who sits in the shadows, pull her out and she gathers the rest together in Unity and Peacefulness.. I hope my mountain climbing days are over.. I so prefer gentle slopes these days 🙂

    Loved your thinking Val.. may we all gather as One sooner rather than later..
    Blessings for a wonderful Easter Week and Weekend to come
    ❤ Sue

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  4. Powerful and profound Val — those unknow parts are all part of the Oneness that is each of us within the Oneness of all.

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  5. Your posts have really been speaking to me. Thank you for that!

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  6. Carol Ferenc

    “To be free from separation.” I believe that is the yearning in us all, Val. Lovely!

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