*Mantra for Today – transform

Our days can easily get out of hand when our mind is in overdrive. Its like driving a car with our foot pressed on the accelerator. Unsure where we are heading but driving hard to get somewhere.

car in overdrive

Our ego is in command “Keep pushing you’ll get there!”
Its voice is much louder than the small questioning inner voice  “Where are we going? … Is this the way to happiness?…”

In the state of overdrive we reinforce our habitual behaviors and thinking. There is no awareness of self, just a mindless mind running the show. Pretty scary eh?!

We have to pause in order to hear the small inner voice that comes from our heart and intuitive being. When we pause and become still we can hear it. As we listen, it becomes our guide on how to live our lives and find true happiness. The more we pause the more insights we have into ourselves and the world around us. The more creativity and inspiration opens up. We experience inner transformation and happiness.

So the next time you notice yourself as a mindless driver in overdrive, remember this mantra:

When I pause I transform

pause and transform

26 thoughts on “*Mantra for Today – transform

  1. It is odd that one of the most delicious of experiences for we humans – the simple pausing of mind to allow life fully to exist in presence – is the one that we are always in the greatest rush to get beyond. H ❤

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  2. Thanks Val, for the reminder.
    This morning I had set my intention for the day as I was not going to strive for anything. How unAmerican! Ha ha! I also walked in the park and some things came into perspective. So I’m right there with you in the power of getting off of automatic pilot, pausing, and listening for the inner wisdom.
    Suzanne. : )

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