* Meeting Life As It Is

… Continuing the conversation about judging, evaluating and accepting life as it is. These words from Adyashanti moved me today. May they touch you also and bring a deeper connection with your inner being and life itself.


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“The greatest generator of conflict, both internal and external, is our addiction to interpreting and evaluating each and every moment of our experience.
When we continually judge and evaluate, we separate from what’s happening. We feel a certain distance from our experience, because now we have become the evaluator of the moment and we’re no longer in unity with the flow of existence and life.

As we begin to meet life as it is rather than as we think it should be, as we let go of our need to control and continuously interpret our experience, we start to open to life in a completely new way. We become deeply founded in silence.
The nature of this silence is a lack of conflict with life, and the more we open to this state of non conflict, to this state of inner stillness, we begin to fall into the grace of a different dimension of being – a dimension rooted in a deep intimacy with our own lives and with existence itself.”


36 thoughts on “* Meeting Life As It Is

  1. This quote brought to mind a time when running with a girlfriend, her right lens fell out of her glasses. She stopped, completely stymied by the fact it was her right lens. Oh no! What is it trying to tell me. This is my creative brain, what am I missing, where am I not seeing…… and on and on. Finally, I replied. perhaps all it’s saying is you had a screw loose. 🙂

    Sometimes, we look for meaning when all that’s required is to simply tighten a screw.

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