22 responses to “* Haiku – roam

  1. When we mindfully maintain balance, we navigate through life on a more even keel ~ capable of weathering the tempests and squalls of daily life without permanent damage to our rigging.


  2. Yes. Reminds me of:

    “To hurry around trying to find happiness outside ourselves makes about as much sense as the comical figure in the Islamic parable who, having lost a key in his living room, goes out into the street to look for it because there’s more light there.”

    ~ Pico Iyer. The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere (Simon & Schuster/ TED. 2014.)

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    • Thank you Annabelle! It is a wonderful photo isn’t it. The tree is actually quite a distance from this little temple in India. The photographer caught it just right with the sun shining through the window!
      Magical πŸ™‚


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