When I was training to become a life coach we did a lot of self discovery and exploration, in preparation for working with our clients. Part of the program was to create a vision for ourselves. At that time I was an intercultural trainer – working with people from different cultures to help them adjust to living and working in a new country. I was drawn to coaching to work with individuals through their transition and help them understand and accept differences, and thrive in a new environment.

the pathThe road towards my vision has had some gentle bends and highs and lows, yet my vision remains true to who I am and whatever I do. It is my life’s calling.

“My vision is for a world where we understand one another, accept differences and are at peace. And it begins within ourselves.”

It was true 12 years ago and even more so today!

My journey has taken me from exploring the differences in countries and cultural groups around the world, to understanding how we communicate and empathize  in relationship with each other,  to learning about our inner thinking, filters and struggles within each of us …. and to a sense of coming home to the beautiful connectedness of us all.

My outer path is now one with the inner path. This is where I am meant to be.

Isn’t that what our life purpose is really about …. finding our path and coming home to ourselves.

We can only do this when we pause to connect with our inner being. When we find our Middle Ground.

This is what I want for you.

What is your vision for the world and your part in it?

19 comments on “* Living My Vision

  1. Lovely thoughts. Val. It’s great when we feel we are right where we’re meant to be.

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  2. I did also follow my visions earlier in life, now I try to find the inner peace and work our from there. A great post Val.


  3. The vision can change and evolve and is always worthwhile on our journey. Thank you!


  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Since I’m meditating on “being” not “doing” this week, my vision is to BE unconditionally loving in a world that perpetually defines conditions. I can’t imagine anything that can make a bigger difference in the world than for love to shine like a beacon from each soul. As you noted, outer and inner paths must fuse, and therefore, the more I learn to love myself, the greater is my love for all beings.


    • The beginning and ending is within ourselves. The doing comes with living in the world and loving ourselves. I always love your perspective ISWH!


  5. A wonderful vision indeed, Val.


  6. “finding our path and coming home to ourselves” Wonderful words and when it starts to become a reality, nothing is more fulfilling. Not easy though.


  7. What a beautiful vision. It reminds me of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and ‘Give Peace A Chance’ rolled into one. 🙂


  8. Reblogged this on Find Your Middle Ground and commented:

    I was reminded of this older post of mine today. Finding our path in life can sometimes take several turns. Then something happens and we find the golden threads from the past create our vision for what we bring to the world.
    Reading this today, I realized I am truly where I am meant to be. My path has moved away from Cross Cultural Training and into Yoga Teaching and Mentoring. Right now I am creating a program to mentor yoga teachers to be their best, so they too can bring peace into the lives of their students.
    For those newer to my blog. I hope you enjoy.
    Val xo


  9. Mine, I guess, is similar to yours: to help others make the best of their lives, and, in so doing, make the best of mine

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  10. This is a beautiful post, with a heartfelt sentiment. I’m so glad you reposted it, Val. ☺ My daughter gave up a promising career in the tech industry to study yoga and become a teacher. She found a whole new world and was forever changed. 💕

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