* Yoda Wisdom on Change

Have you ever told yourself that you want to change, but find that your willpower isn’t strong enough. You tell yourself to try harder. Still it doesn’t happen. So you give up hope. Then one day you meet Yoda in the street.

This is what he tells you:

“Often change not easyYoda

Sometimes is …

Accept part within that resists

This also called fear

What we resist will persist

Say hello to resistance

Say hello to fear

Be good friend to them

Invite in for cup of tea

They kept you safe in olden days

But now, you not need

Unknown is what life is about, not known

If change you want, let go

Trust in the force

It is within you”


10 responses to “* Yoda Wisdom on Change

  1. I completely agree with the wise yoda. I was told by a healer that we should always embrace negative feelings, such as fear or panic or doubt, and let them in. We should try and feel them to the fullest, and only then will we have relief.


  2. One of my favorite Yoda’s quote is when Luke asked him “What is in there?” and Yoda answered “Only what you take with you….” Our lives are based on what we choose to perceive. Our experiences depend on our thoughts.


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