What is life all about? …

This is such a refreshing and practical approach by Nicholas Vesey author of “Developing Consciousness. A Roadmap to the Journey of Enlightenment”. We don’t need to seek out gurus, teachers, self help masters. We don’t need to have a life altering awakening experience to find the answer. It’s already there for us. 

Just like the magic eye pictures, some of us get it and some of us don’t. Even without the experience of seeing what’s in the picture, we can agree that it exists and we are all connected.magic eyes duckies

What was once so complicated is now simply there …. its a duckie 🙂

Instead of being externally focused, turn your attention inwards with a relaxed open mind, a lot of curiosity, and a big dollop of self acceptance. You may be surprised (or not) at what you find!

Namaste x

4 comments on “* Reflections on the Reality of Life

  1. Focusing on “what is” even when it first appears different takes practice. But once I saw the rubber duckie (Ernie’s eternal positivism popped to mind), it was easy to keep seeing it. I think Ernie was good at the practice. Smiles!


      • He is a beloved Sesame Street resident from a public broadcasting system show for children that began when I was a child. Ernie is a positive and friendly character who had a rubber duckie that was his best friend, second to his roommate Bert, who was serious and pragmatic. For some reason, the duck in the picture reminded me of Ernie.


  2. Now I know Ernie. Love the connection! Thank you.


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