Inspiration – Lighthouse Keeping

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On Sunday I spent some time with Ali Grimshaw’s writing circle and once again, enjoyed being with like minded souls as we explored poetry together. You can find out more on Ali’s blog

The inspiration was a poem called “Lighthouse Keeping” by Kay Ryan

This is what I wrote:

Know that we are
keepers of the light

Holding space and
reaching out to those
in darkened places.

Its not our job
to judge, advise, fix
or rescue others.

Our calling is to keep
the light shining
within ourselves and

bring it to the world,
to keep us all afloat.

I wrote this for all of us who have experienced struggling and being in the dark. After all, we all go through the pendulum of life. Never doubt that within you, the light is still there. As long as you live, it is within you. Your job is to keep connecting to it, so you can continue to shine in the world, and keep us all afloat.


Inspiration – The Work of our Lives

unconditional love

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody’s business. What we are asked to do is to love, and this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy.”

~ Thomas Merton


Imagine if we could set aside judgment and fear, and we all found our way to love others, and ourselves, unconditionally.

Bring it on.

Make it a practice.

This is the work of our lives.


* Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

Sing or dance while the music of life is being played. Love this video and message from Alan Watts and David Linberg. Thanks to Evolutionary Mystic for sharing 💛

Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Living a soulful life in the moment

Too often we blunder through life like automatic robots, waking up to our morning coffees then soldiering on to work, only to return home again to follow the same ritual in the morning once again. Are we really spending time doing things that mean something to us, being present with the people who matter, connected to the richness of life?

Philosopher and writer Alan Watts asks the perennial questions about the meaning of life, taking us on a moving and thought provoking journey that will make you think more deeply about how and who you spend your time with.

A soulful look at living a life that’s alive and full.

Published on Jul 26, 2016

A film I made last night based on my favourite quotes from Alan Watts about how the way of looking at your life as a journey can be…

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The Awakening by Sonny Carroll

Thank you Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way for sharing “the Awakening” by Sonny Carroll. Its a wonderful reflection of their story that I know I can really relate to. I hope it supports readers where ever you are in your journey.
Val x

Spirit Lights The Way

A few days ago, a reader sent me The Awakening by Sonny Carroll; it reminded her of my life philosophy.  I agree.  

The Awakening describes the spiritual path I’m on . . . the journey that has led me to this moment in time.


by Sonny Carroll

There comes a time in your life when you finally get it . . . when in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out ~ ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on.  And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world from a new perspective.

This is your awakening.

You realize that it is time to stop hoping and waiting for something…

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* Our Path in Life

Messages that are simple yet profound, let me pause and connect me to my Middle Ground. These words from Joseph Campbell call out for some self reflection:

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take.                              That’s why it’s your path.”

” If the path you are on is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

one step at a time


The ego seeks clarity and reassurance, so it will cling to what is known.

But the “tried and true” may not be for you.

Our true path is much more likely to take us into the unknown.

Be ready to step out …

trust …

breathe fully …

 take one step at a time …

and let your true path unfold


* Life is Like … an onion


Life is like an onion

There are many layers to it

It stimulates our senses

It can be put to good use

It can make us weep

Some say there’s a right way to cut it

I disagree

Its ours to do with as we choose.

oven fried onion rings


* Yoga Inspiration for Today – Tree of Life

single tree in sun

“You must be firmly rooted.

Such is the first law.

Then grow and assert yourself.

At this moment open yourself,

stretch out your arms to feel the radiation around you,

and then bring the universe back to you with your head held high,

for it touches the sun.

Be deep, wide, tall, truly a Tree of Life.”

 Lizelle Reymond

tree pose in yoga

…. and breathe fully knowing that this is who you truly are.


* Reflections on the Reality of Life

What is life all about? …

This is such a refreshing and practical approach by Nicholas Vesey author of “Developing Consciousness. A Roadmap to the Journey of Enlightenment”. We don’t need to seek out gurus, teachers, self help masters. We don’t need to have a life altering awakening experience to find the answer. It’s already there for us. 

Just like the magic eye pictures, some of us get it and some of us don’t. Even without the experience of seeing what’s in the picture, we can agree that it exists and we are all connected.magic eyes duckies

What was once so complicated is now simply there …. its a duckie 🙂

Instead of being externally focused, turn your attention inwards with a relaxed open mind, a lot of curiosity, and a big dollop of self acceptance. You may be surprised (or not) at what you find!

Namaste x