* Boost Your Karma for the New Year

keep karma and carry omBoosting your Karma is a choice. As you move towards the New Year and new possibilities, why not choose kindness and then watch what happens.

I came across this list several years ago, and it keeps inspiring me in its lightness and simplicity.

  • Keep your word.
  • Show respect to everyone you encounter.
  • Be a good friend.
  • Look for the best in everyone.
  • Show forgiveness.
  • Be kind.
  • When you make a mistake say “I’m sorry.”
  • Pour out your love when someone asks for it.
  • Put your children’s needs before your own.
  • When someone is speaking to you, be fully present. Listen.
  • Learn to love yourself a little more each day.
  • Show your spirit.
  • Don’t be cruel with your words.
  • Be grateful for exactly what you have.
  • Share your wisdom with those who ask for it.
  • Donate what you don’t need.
  • Help keep the Earth beautiful; don’t litter, and recycle.
  • Look behind you, stop and hold the door open for others.
  • Savor every moment.
  • Smile more; frown less.
  • Expect life to be good.
  • Do the right thing (even when no one is watching).
  • Give five compliments a day.
  • Breathe. Relax. Feel. Watch. Allow.
  • Share your inspiration when someone needs a lift.
  • Learn from your mistakes, but don’t allow them to define who you are now.
  • Avoid temptation when it’s calling to you.
  • Kiss your partner every day.
  • Share your faith.
  • Be the beautiful you.

Wishing you Love, Light and Lightness.


13 thoughts on “* Boost Your Karma for the New Year

  1. I really enjoyed your list of ways to bring meaning to our lives. 🙂 Last yesr, (soon to be) at our church we all chose a “guiding word” instead of goals. I chose “Fullness,” Val. This 2016, I was talking to my friends and one chose, “Selectiveness” meaning to not go in multiple directions but be more careful how she chose to spend her time. A fellow blogger chose the word,”Radiant.” I chose the word “Openness” to steer or guide my year. Just thought your list gave me many great ideas and wished to share a recent path a few of my friends have gone. Smiles, Robin

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