When we are on a spiritual path, the idea of ego becomes something to overcome and get past. It feels contrary to how we want to be in the world.
Its the part of ourselves that we would rather hide or deny rather than show. So we battle with it or suppress it…. or disguise it. The most creative way for the ego to survive is to attach itself to the idea of being enlightened, or a Guru amongst others.

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Here are some examples from my own experience of an ego in disguise:
~ We see ourselves as knowledgeable and evolved…. so we don’t want to be seen as not knowing or caught up in our self image.

~ We see ourselves as spiritual beings who give a lot to others…. so we don’t want to appear selfish and put ourselves first.

~ We see ourselves as a good person in a world of danger and mistrust… because the world is a place where things are out of our control and other people can harm or take advantage of us.

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you see the ego at play here – in our thoughts about how we don’t want to be.
That’s our ego in disguise.
We are creating a “better” Guru ego to overcome the inferior one from the past.

The irony is that in order for us to evolve past our ego we need to get intimate with it and acknowledge it. If we want to truly evolve into a new level of consciousness then this is the place that must be embraced.

When we look at the aspects of our ego, or our shadow side, and we feel resistance and discomfort … it’s a good thing.
Of course, this very human part of us doesn’t want to be looked at. Yet, when we accept is as a part of our experience, we begin to see it more clearly. We  feel it’s impact and see the power it has had over us for most of our lives … even now.

Being awake and conscious  and witnessing how our ego comes and goes is something that the most enlightened people are able to do.

Some times it will show up as inner struggle and torment as the ego seeks a way to be the victor over the heart. At other times, it brings a smile and possibly a shrug. There is curiosity, compassion and detachment.

When we accept it and see it for what it is, it loses its power. We must embrace it in order for it to be no longer important as a driver in our lives.

To embrace it, we must come from a place of compassion and open our hearts to all we are experiencing. If we continue to beat it up it will find ways to become more powerful in our thinking and stories about ourselves.

Be kind to your ego, so you can let it go and transform into the whole hearted Being that you are.

spirit blossoms
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26 comments on “Beware the Guru Ego

  1. Sharon Lawrence

    Thanks for your insight. Lots to think about on this topic. I only wish our world leaders would ponder this concept!

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  2. Enlightened words dear lady, and I have traveled ego’s waves through them all…and still want chocolate 😂 🤣
    Maybe another couple of years and I’ll be free 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  3. you can never go worong with being kind, whether it is to others or ourselves…

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  4. So true! The ego is pretty sneaky!!

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  5. Val, This is so timely for me. I, just today, became aware of my ego getting ready to play a manipulation game, rather than being direct. So appreciative of your guidance. Maybe, one more step forward to true authenticity.

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    • Good for you, Pat 💛 Catching ourselves “in the ego act” is a practice in being true to ourselves. I appreacite the share and you being here 🙏


  6. Wise reminders. Thanks Val.

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  7. So many identities we continue to take on, knowing and unknowingly. And justify with false premises and concepts. It is humbling and a very skillful edge to stay awake and aware of it all. I enjoyed your post, helps check in.

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    • Thank you PD. The ego mind and our persona get attached to how we think we should be, and be seen in the world. It can take time and practice to let go of these attachments. It’s a practice and definitely a ride into some turbulent waters. Stay present and awake my friend 💛🙏💛

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  8. Good reminder, Val. ❤ My ego is like a little sister, pesky sometimes, but I can't help but love her antics. 😉

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  9. Sound thoughts, Val. I think humility is a key

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  10. Ego throws tantrums
    Wanting what it wants . . . right NOW!
    Spirit just smiles

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  11. A lovely post, Val. It makes sense that we need to look at what brings us discomfort in order to let it go. ❤ ❤

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