It's an inquiry without boundaries
whose answer shifts from
breath to breath, and yet
there's something foundational
at the heart of the question,
something universal and unchanging.
When I turn inside and hold
this koan lightly, it isn't an
answer I receive, but an
experience of life,
a sense of Self with a
capital S in intimate relationship
to consciousness and depth.
What's true here isn't a
simplistic statement of fact,
but a verb glimpsed in the 
midst of activity that is also
the very essence of stillness,
its two paradoxical aspects
spectacularly mind-stopping.
What's true here is openness
serenity, and joy, roiling
thoughts brought into focus
on a single point of presence
that gives me everything
important in an instant of
transmission - love offered,
love received.

~ "What's True Here?" by Danna Fauld, taken from her book - What's True Here - New Poems and Other Writings.

What true here cannot be found in the rushing from here to there and worrying about what’s next. Our truth is found when we take time to pause… breathe … and touch the still center of ourselves. There is love here.


23 comments on “What’s True Here?

  1. Like that everlasting comment…we need to stop to hear ourselves think 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Wonderful to receive this gift, Val, of what’s true here. Thank you.

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  3. Very nice, and a lot to think about.

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  4. wonderful words to capture the essence of the poem, Val.

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  5. Very beautiful! Truth and Love simply exist, it is for us to discover in the moment 💛

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  6. Something to think about, of course. 😀

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  7. So true, Val. The best moments are the ones where we pause, breathe and take it all in with gratitude. ❤

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  8. Thank you for this beautiful offering, Val. Peace to you.

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  9. Truth 🥰👏🥰👏

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  10. So very perfect, Val. Working on that myself.

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