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Haiku – farewell to darkness

Farewell to darkness

Lilies, shadows and lotus

Transcend to the light

Walking in Chanticleer over the weekend, I was reminded of the symbolism of lilies, shadows and lotus flowers. Lilies are for saying farewell and mourning what is lost. The shadows playing with the light, reminded me of the shadow self. The lotus represents the emergence from suffering to freedom.

Nature offers more than meets the eye when we pause and pay attention.


20 comments on “Haiku – farewell to darkness

  1. I love the symbolism and stories of the lotus flower. It’s ability to emerge from the darkness and transform into beauty and rebirth always gives hope and encouragement. 🌸☀️

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  2. lovely and so inspirational

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  3. Very thoughtful…..and….LOVELY.

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  4. Lovely photography and haiku

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  5. I like what the lotus represents; Chanticleer always put me in a reflective mood as well…

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  6. so beautiful nature Val…flora and a walk perfect ☺️❣️🌷smiles hedy

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  7. What a lovely presence you brought to your walk, Val. Wonderful photos, too!

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  8. LOVELY flowers, their meaning, and your haiku. I enjoy having sweet-smelling lilies in a vase in our home. Some people tell me it’s morbid, that lilies are only for funerals. I disagree. Life to death to life. Lilies are a reminder of our cycles. ❤

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  9. beautiful. thank you.

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