This is an update on a post from an earlier time. When life was unsure and the future unknown. The unknown can be a scary place to face.

facing the unknown

Our mind creates scenarios and one thought feeds an other… into distortion and fortune telling of disaster. We feel anxious, out of control and extremely vulnerable.

Yet, when we begin to experience what had been unknown, we start to believe we understand and feel more in control. “Yep – I can handle this after all. I can even be proud of myself for overcoming my fear.” It is a reassuring place to be…. until the next round.

So what can we do to ensure that we don’t keep going through the same cycle of anxiety and fear? To refocus and quiet the mind?

What works for me is to take myself into a quiet place, in nature if the elements permit, or at home on my yoga mat. I sometimes stay quiet, and at other times I put on soothing music. I then allow my body to move through the emotions. My mat is like a magic carpet that takes me to a safe and loving place inside of me.

I believe that all emotions are energy, and when we are able to bring awareness to our breath and move our bodies with care and attention, we allow the energy to move through us and release what is ready to be let go of.  It is empowering to be able to be present with everything that is going on and surrender to it in the body and mind using our breath.

Yet, I know that what helps me as a yogi, may not work for others who have different perspectives and beliefs.

Some time ago, I learned to let go of wanting someone to be more like me. There is no right way here, only finding a way to support one another through suffering.

Others may find that distraction works well to keep the mind otherwise occupied. Action packed movies, reruns of sitcoms and sports games can work well for one person. For an other, it’s diving into work, or reading stories with happy endings. When the mind is refocused or distracted in this way, the body can relax and it lets fear subside.
Compassion and reassurance from an other also brings comfort.

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Ultimately, when we are in pain and struggling, it means so much to know that others care: a gentle touch from a loved one; a reassuring word from a friendly doctor;  a gesture of understanding from someone who has been through the same experience; a nurse with a sense of humor and warm knowing eyes; a friend who goes for a walk with you.

Whether we find that feeling of love within ourselves or through connection to others, love really is the answer.

There is no right way to face the unknown and what lies ahead… but finding love and knowing you are not alone, eases the way.

30 comments on “Facing the Unknown

  1. so wise and so right

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  2. Thank you, Val. Yes, we all need a sanctuary of sorts, something to release the mind from its incessant narrative creation and path-plotting. Attending inwardly (for want of a better word) seems the most efficacious for myself, yet doing so (hmm . . .) without doing, without the rigidity of control, which really is yet more mind activity. Doing nothing can be the hardest thing for us westerners, acculturated as we are to personal agency, individuality, destiny-seeking, acquisitiveness et al. So the question becomes (so it would seem), how to discover (peace) without seeking (it)? ‘Just sit’ sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

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    • Thank you for being here Hariod. It’s always a delightful gift when you drop in 💝Doing nothing is certainly hard for most of us. Yet being a curious and kind observer of ourselves gives us something to attend to. Being very visual I like the Koshas approach of observing the layers of our being until we uncover the peace within.
      I trust you have faired well throughout the past year 🙏

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  3. I needed this today, Val. Thank you for sharing. 💜

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  4. so well said, Val. for me, it is usually watching an old sitcom…

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  5. I am learning to embrace and ultimately enjoy uncertainty by leaning into it, conscious of unfounded scenarios, and countering them with more agreeable possibilities, knowing well my adaptability and problem-solving skills.

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  6. Thank you for these warm and reassuring words, Val, and excellent suggestions. Sending a smile your way….

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  7. pyonchek

    Thank you, Val. So appreciative of your perspective – words that I will keep to remind myself when the emotions build and the need arises for a healthy way to acknowledge and release them.

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  8. Well written Val, there are so many ways that we do face our pain. But those simple gestures of love from anyone to us is indeed a courage booster as we tread that path within ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  9. Very true and powerful – we have so many ways available for us to transform our fears into a state of love, through self care, acceptance and helpful practices on the mat, in nature or solitude. I especially enjoyed the resonance as I posted on similar lines and your post felt comforting to read.

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  10. Amen, Val… well-expressed! ❤

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  11. Compassion and allowance is a beautiful gift we can give each other 🙏🏻💚

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  12. A very perceptive view of fear of the unknown

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  13. Love really is the answer. Beautiful, Val.

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  14. Val, are you familiar with Pam Gregory? Her latest video, but really all of them, provides encouragement for mindfulness and our ability to move with the changes, these days: Just excellent. Be well, Aloha. ❤

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  15. Beautiful Val 🙂

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