woman walking on fence
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Let go of something,
somewhere. Use yoga
to become aware, to
touch what lies beneath
the surface of the skin.
Is there tension longing
for release; a knot of
fear so deep and familiar
that you believe its
part of who you are?

Ease into dark corners,
locked rooms, unexplored
hallways. Gain entry
not by force or will
but only by softness.
Enter on the wings of
breath, and turn the
key of self-acceptance
to let go of something

~ Danna Faulds


Enter on the winds of breath and turn the key of self acceptance … oh yes.


About Val Boyko

Val Boyko is originally from Scotland and came to the United States over 25 years ago. At "Find Your Middle Ground" Val brings together her experience as a life coach, yoga teacher and mentor, to inspire awakening to the light and inspiration within us all. This blog is a place of exploration and discovery as we all explore finding harmony and peace, in the highs and lows of life 💛

30 comments on “Let Go of Something

  1. Wonderful reminder, Val.

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  2. so very important

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  3. Softness is one of the more powerful tools we have that is a strength.


  4. The key is self-acceptance as you say, Val. For it is only then we can truly empower our lives to that which our heart truly desires. Loved this post! Thank you! xo

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  5. very calming. and by the way, you may be happy to know that my wife and I started using the Headspace app today as a way to ease into meditation…

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  6. The key to love Val…our own 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  7. Nice. I have a CD recorded at Big Sur and the timing of waves is so like the in and out of breath. This poem reminded me of it. ❤

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  8. Letting go always reminds me of this quote:

    “There are only three things you need to let go of ~ judging, controlling, and being right. Release these three and you will have the whole mind and twinkly heart of a child.” ~ Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

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  9. Very comforting and true!

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  10. What a lovely invitation. Danna Faulds always opens and softens my heart. Thank you, Val.

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  11. This is a lovely poetic invitation. I wish I could be this graceful in movement.

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  12. Hmmm … we are always moving internally. There is grace here.. in a simple rise and fall or breath or a welcome bowel movement. Seriously! Limbs are peripheral 😉


  13. A lovely – and ever timely – sharing, Val. Thank you. 🙏

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