Inspiration – Lighten Up

This repost is for those of us who tend to take life too seriously and find ourselves over-reacting or being way too earnest.

lighten up

Today is a good day to lighten up. All right, so every day is…

Here is a story by Benjamin Zander taken from his book The Art of Possibility.

“Two Prime ministers were sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a man bursts in, apoplectic with fury, shouting and stamping and banging his fist on the desk. The resident prime minister admonishes him: “Peter,” he says, “kindly remember Rule Number 6,” whereupon Peter is instantly restored to complete calm, apologizes, and withdraws.

The politicians return to their conversation, only to be interrupted yet again twenty minutes later by an hysterical woman gesticulating wildly, her hair flying. Again the intruder is greeted with the words: “Marie, please remember Rule Number 6.” Complete calm descends once more, and she too withdraws with a bow and an apology.

When the scene is repeated for a third time, the visiting prime minister addresses his colleague: “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of this Rule Number 6?” “Very simple,” replies the resident prime minister. “Rule Number 6 is ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.’”

“Ah,” says his visitor, “that is a fine rule.” After a moment of pondering, he inquires, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?” … “There aren’t any.”

When we apply Rule Number 6 at work, at home and in life, we find our Middle Ground.


52 thoughts on “Inspiration – Lighten Up

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Ben Zander speak. I still feel the power of his authenticity. If someone said that you would be in a room of 3000 type A executives, and all of them would be standing on their chairs singing Ode to Joy at the top of their lungs, in German, would you believe them?

    Anything is possible!

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    • Thanks for the share Ian! I also saw him at an ICF conference … Singing our heart out and really meaning it is so uplifting to us all 🙂
      I will always remember his rendition of one buttock piano playing. Always be ready to play from one buttock so you can reach, expand and respond to possibilities!

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  3. That’s a fantastic rule!
    Val, today I have nominated you for a five day challenge to post a photo and story for five days.
    Don’t feel you have to take up the challenge, but I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge your support for me.

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