# 1000 Post on WordPress

Val's yoga class

I am delighted to share my one thousandth post with you. Gosh, how time flies when you are doing something meaningful and fun!

This is the perfect time to let you know of a gentle shift in my focus and attention here on Find Your Middle Ground.

I am putting to rest my yoga website (www.RelishYoga.com), and will be bringing more yoga specific topics and event announcements here.

Teaching Gentle and Mindful Hatha yoga is now part of my every day, and is no longer a separate “thing that I do”.
In the mornings I look forward to teaching to some amazing groups of people at Watts of Yoga in Media, and Hummingbird Massage and Yoga in Bryn Mawr.
After classes and most afternoons, I have private yoga clients. Together, we work on mindfulness, breathing, physical movement and moving the energy for opening and healing. We laugh a lot too.

Every month, I offer a Restorative Yoga Workshop and Kripalu Yin Yoga Workshop in tune with the Season and the Elements.
Once or twice a year I facilitate Yoga Teacher Mentoring training programs for yoga teachers to hone certain skills, as we come together to become even better teachers.

I am grateful that my passion is my life’s work and dharma, and that I am walking this path with some beautiful human beings and dear friends.

Thank you for being a part of this community.


68 thoughts on “# 1000 Post on WordPress

  1. Wow!!!! Congratulations!!! I know I’ve said it before, but I would love to have you for a yoga teacher. I look forward to seeing what your future brings. โค

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