Mind is like the Wind

thoughts as wind

Image by Alexey Wind – http://avantgallery.com/collection/alexey-wind/dark-thoughts/

“Mind is like the wind; your real Self is like space.

The nature of the wind is to blow about, but it needs space in which to do that. You know of the wind only through the effects that you see, feel, and hear when there is something in its way. Similarly, you know of the mind only because identity is there.

Space doesn’t move about; it is present everywhere. Space can be without the wind, but the wind cannot be without space.

The wind is always blowing in different directions. Can anyone determine which way the wind will blow? Whatever direction that may be, it can never move outside space.

Similarly, it is not possible for you to ever move away from your Self. When you know this so profoundly that it becomes kind of knowing beyond thought, then you are free. You can move as you will because you cannot move out of your Self.”

~ Mooji. from  “Vaster than the Sky, Greater than Space”.


May we let go of trying to change and control the wind and our endless thinking. It can never be stable. Instead, let us tune into the immovable space encompassing it and connect to our true Self. This is where peace lies.


27 thoughts on “Mind is like the Wind

  1. Interesting! I had been thinking that of you weren’t living “on purpose” or “in the flow,” you weren’t being true to yourself…I kind of had a “tree falling in the woods” feeling when I read this, the mind clearing that happens when you can’t quite get your head around something but also the light bulb is coming on! 🙂

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    • It’s an Aha moment ❣️ It makes you stop and reevaluate a belief that you have take for granted. As we grow, we open up to new
      ways of seeing things, and let go of
      Old assum


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