“True intelligence is to rise above thinking as the source of all intelligence.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

I sat with these words this morning and had to smile. Of course, it is Tolle’s thinking that comes up with these gems. ☺️

Yet, it opens us up to something that is beyond our thoughts, that many of us innately understand, but perhaps have not put into words.

When we take time to pause and notice our thoughts, there are two insights that come to my mind. The first is, that we are not our thinking. What we have taken for granted as the “truth” is really only our perspective of the world around us and what we have learned about it. We are conditioned by our parents, culture, religion etc to see the world in a certain way. We also have personal filters based on our own experience from a very young age. For example, if we were bitten by a dog as a child we may have a fear of dogs and dislike them intensely as an adult. This is not the truth, just our perspective.

The second insight is that we have only the ability to analyze what we already know. Our ego mind likes to think it knows things, so it feels in control. Have you also noticed how it likes to judge and dismiss and deny what doesn’t fit in with its beliefs?

The truth is that there is so much that is beyond our thinking, and our intellectual mind. Analysis and science can only reveal what it can identify and quantify, but is at a loss with what is unknown.

I believe that when we pause and find a place of centeredness and calm, our true intelligence shows up as intuition, insights, new ideas, creativity and answers to problems we haven’t been able to solve. In my experience it also shows up as a deep feeling of warmth and love.

Of course, the next question is to ask what the source of this intelligence is.

Opening our minds to an intelligence greater than our individual self, that we share with each other and the world around is, is the step to realization or spiritual enlightenment. Tolle refers to this as Source or Presence. Others call it our Higher Self, Spirit, the Divine, Universal Oneness, Cosmos, Divine Mother, Brahma, Allah, or God.

When we fully embrace the unknown and let go of intellectual knowing, we are on the path to realization and universal love.


50 comments on “True Intelligence

  1. I still have his book so very marked up and highlighted. Took the online course and loved every second. Now studying ACIM again with Pam Grout online. Helps to make me more aware of thought patterns. This is such an important thing to remember. Thanks for reminding us.

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  2. Yes, beautiful truths here. There is indeed this great love and abundance and richness of the profound experience of life waiting for us if we are willing to go beyond our habitual thinking mind. Always a soothing reminder.

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  3. Like Marlene, one of my Tolle books is highlighted, dogeared and tattered. Great stuff!

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  4. What a great post. I only read one of my 2 Tolle books and being very similar to many others I’d read over the years, it was a little disappointing, but I still appreciated his words.

    If one has never read much of the subject matter, Tolle’s books are highly illuminating and certainly well worth re-reading many times.

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  5. Being aware, as in listening to, the brain is something that is very much with me as my brain heals after my accident. The surgical staff at the hospital said to be sensitive to what my brain was telling me. What is amazing is how clear are those ‘signals’. Leaving me with two hopes. The first is that full healing takes place. The second is that the ability to listen to my brain doesn’t fade away.

    Great post!

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  6. Love Tolle and this wisdom Val 🙏🏻🌈

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  7. Ting-Ting Writes

    I love this post. I am on the path of realization and universal love. 😊

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  8. Sometimes we just know.
    Calm certainty floods our being, instilling us with knowingness.

    A sudden infusion of intuition wells up from a source far beyond the limits of our mind.

    We don’t need to see the whole puzzle to know where this piece fits.
    We just KNOW.

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  9. There is SO much that is unknown. When my friend Lea passed a couple of years ago, I had further insights beyond what I had experienced over many years. And more since. There’s more than one reason there is a word called ‘infinity.’ 😘

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  10. Wonderful and wise musings, Val. It’s funny that I reminded myself just this evening not to think my thinking was the truth, but instead let the truth (in my case the path forward) emerge from within.

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  11. “When we fully embrace the unknown and let go of intellectual knowing”. Yes.

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  12. Loved it !
    Keep posting! 😀

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  13. I enjoyed revisiting this concept, Val. We cannot be reminded too often how our feelings, experiences and perceptions colour so much of our thinking. Wonderful post.

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  14. I find my best ‘non- thinking’ occurs with yoga, or a long walk, or while meditating. And even, when I write (turning off my inward editor). How wondrous when the Source/Divine is revealed! ❤️

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  15. I agree! Our thoughts are limited, and our opinions are biased from our own experiences and what we have been taught. Trusting our intuition and recognizing that we don’t know everything is so important. Thanks for the reminder!

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  16. Great post. I agree! Our mind is full of unknown surprises. There were many times I couldn’t find a way to solve a problem but after a long walk or even a few days later its solution emerged.

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  17. I simply enjoyed reading your post.
    I have never been into spiritual reading. But surely this is a very significant part of our existence that we should be aware of !! I am now interested in reading more about it and the books I have come across reading much of the appreciated comments👍🏼

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  18. Very interesting read, I am going to reblog this article for you.

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  19. Hmmmmm….sounds splendid 😉
    Thanks, Val. Hope all is going well in your part of the world💜

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  20. i knew
    not knowing much
    would be smart 🙂

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  21. Wow this so is awesome


  22. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature


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  23. Namaste☺

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