The Gift of Space

the gift of space

Dreamstime photo –Β Β© Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

“Most people’s lives are cluttered up with things: material things, things to do, things to think about. Their lives are like the history of humanity, which Winston Churchill defined as “one damn thing after another.” Their minds are filled up with the clutter of thoughts, one thought after another. This is the dimension of object consciousness that is many people’s predominant reality, and that is why their lives are so out of balance.

Object consciousness needs to be balanced by space consciousness for sanity to return to our planet and for humanity to fulfill its destiny. The arising space consciousness is the next stage in the evolution of humanity.

Space consciousness means that in addition to being conscious of things (objects), there is an undercurrent of awareness. Awareness implies that you are not only conscious of things, but you are also conscious of being conscious. If you can sense an alert inner stillness in the background while things happen in the foreground – that’s it!”

~ Eckhart Tolle, taken from Oneness With All Life

Eckhart Tolle calls this space consciousness Presence. It is a spiritual dimension that exists in all of us. When we awaken to this new awareness and allow the inner space to expand, we become free from the limitations of being tied to the clutter of things in our lives.

We can still enjoy things and experiences, but don’t lose ourselves in them or become attached to them.

Finding your Middle Ground is about discovering inner space so that Presence can expand.
Come to it often during your day.
Pause more. Take longer breaths. Notice sensations in the body.
Observe if you are attached to the clutter of thoughts, material things or things to do.
Step back and give yourself the gift of space.

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  1. Hi, Val, My work computer won’t let me access the link and I would love to read this piece. Any way you can cut and paste the copy into an email for me, if it’s not too much trouble? Thank you!

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