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Celebrate Each Moment of the Journey

life journey
Image by Peikwen Cheng – Journey Together  http://peikwen.com/

“Who knows why life unfolds
the way it does: why we choose
one path or another, share the
way for a while or a day, then
say goodbye. There is no
predictability here, and less
control that we might wish.
But there is a quiet urging
of the heart, the knowing in
the soul, the wisdom that’s
beneath the mind, accessible
if we breathe and turn inside.

When the tide of change rolls
in we can resist or be at peace,
struggle or release. The stuff
of life may not be ours to
understand. It’s enough to
offer love, to receive the best
and worst, to embrace and
say farewell. What matters
most is to celebrate each
moment of the journey.”

~ Danna Faulds “Celebrate the Journey”


As we give our best, give our love, and trust in the quiet urging of our heart, let us celebrate the journey.


23 comments on “Celebrate Each Moment of the Journey

  1. I so agree. Lovely poem.

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  2. Beautiful poem…exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Val. xo

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  3. Maybe it is time for the big questions now, Val 🙂
    Beautiful post.

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  4. What beautiful wise words you have shared within that poem Val.. Thank you for sharing it.. May we continue in love along our path.. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful encouraging words Val 🙏🏻💕

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  6. Beautiful. And celebrate our journey with love.

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  7. Timely poem. “…offer love…receive the best and worst.” Celebrate with love indeed!

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  8. Celebrating with a broken Heart is the most difficult thing to do. Yet within that brokenness determination breaks free to begin again the Journey of Joy. Thank you for this post, Val. It spoke volumes to me! 💝

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  9. I love this, Val! xxxx

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  10. Reminds me of that saying: “The world around us moves forward at the speed of trust.”


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