Coming from Yin

Middle ground moment

I took this photo yesterday morning after breakfast, as Don was enjoying his coffee along with birdsong, rustles of the leaves and a slowly rising and warming sun. (If you zoom in, I’m sure you will see a contented smile on his face)

Finding our Middle Ground like this is essential for our whole being and balance.

Here’s an other perspective the Tao:

“Zen and Daoist philosophy often refers the art of doing and non-doing; specifically, the art of knowing when doing is required (yang) and when non-doing is required (yin). This is the greatest skill one can learn in the art of living life in balance.

The energy that arises in the moment from the deepest yin is a desire or impulse to ‘act’ (yang). Only right actions can come from this place. Further, right actions can only be the best and most supportive actions for the spiritual evolution of all beings. These can also be described as actions that cause no harm to others or oneself. They come like messages sent from the deepest place to call you into ‘doing’ or ‘thinking’ something in order to bring them into manifestation for the benefit of all. They come from a place of surrender, a place where you can let the mind become insignificant and, instead, focus your attention on the observation of sensations on the body and the space in which all things seem to occur.” *

When we take time to pause, it supports us in taking right action. Now that’s something to reflect and act upon.

Let us come from Yin.



* Hetherington, Michael. The Little Book of Yin: Cultivating More Stillness, Gentleness and Healing into Our Daily Lives (Kindle Locations 317-322). . Kindle Edition.


22 thoughts on “Coming from Yin

  1. Wow, I never knew this about Yin energy. Thanks for sharing. I am reblogging this! 🙂 And I have noticed that when you get this “awesome energy” to do something it seems to get more of a response. I notice it with my writing too.

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