Tao Inspiration – for the times we live In

river rocks
River Rocks by Silvia Hart

Water is unquestionably soft and yielding,

Yet it can carve massive canyons

And sweep away entire cities with ease.

This is because it does not rise up in solid fragility like the structures of humanity,

But flows in low places, fluid and flexible like humanity itself.

There is great strength in what seems weak,

Great instability in what seems strong.

The creation of grand structures implies their inevitable destruction.

Humble, flexible, transitory existence implies true continuity.*

~ Lao Tzu

I find these words somewhat reassuring for the times that we live in. Continuity comes from flexibility and the ability to be fluid to meet what comes along.

There is great strength is what seems weak. Let us go with the flow, and be like water.


*Braun Jr., John; Tzu, Lao; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (2012-12-02). Tao Te Ching (Kindle Locations 1028-1036). . Kindle Edition.

28 Comments on “Tao Inspiration – for the times we live In

  1. Life is a constant flow of comings and goings ~> Every day shapes our lives as running water shapes a stone.

    Here’s to going with the flow instead of struggling against the current.

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  2. Lao Tzu was my first introduction years ago to another way of being and I still find his words, metaphors, and parables worthy of reflection. Love this post, Val. It resonates, as it always does. ❀

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  3. Accepting where life takes us to make marks and changes instead of forcing them with our solid, demanding hands. (What I got from it). Lovely reminder. Thank you!

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