The Space Between Stories

Tara Brach shares an important perspective for our times, with a concern about how we respond to uncertainty. Its worth a read!
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Evolutionary_Mystic Post

These days we are seeing all around us a lot of turbulence, inner and outer…The tendency when we get stirred up – and this is for all humans – is to go into a kind of habitual “jungle mentality,” also known as our stress reflex. We get anxious or upset and we try to sense where we can throw blame for what’s wrong. There is a polarizing.

Mostly what we are doing when we are in stress-reactivity is trying to find certainty. We are trying to find some ground again; and everything we try to do then is, on some level, trying to frame things so we have a stable ground – something that allows us to say, “Oh, here is what’s going on!” We try to define it, as a means of regaining a sense of certainty and security – an illusion of control. Charles Eisenstein calls this place…

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16 thoughts on “The Space Between Stories

  1. I am continuing to breath deeply and hold my centre Val.. thank you for this share.. Holding our own Peace is so important..
    Understanding each of us are contributing to the energies out there.. When we learn to open our hearts in compassion and love towards others.. We then are helping create Unity Consciousness to help heal the frustrations and imbalance which is now the cause of so much frustrations.. ❤ Hugs my friend and thank you for sharing Tara's post I have been across to say hello xx

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