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Inspiration – Your Joy is too Small

I came across these words from one of my earlier posts. It really resonated. Time to break out in celebration of nature and Existence. No event required. xo

Photo from Pinterest

Joy Is Big

Your joy is too small, caged by the jailor of your thoughts.

It lives in the land beyond Infinity and is big beyond measure.

It teaches each tree to dance her own private blissful dance with the wind.

It is what the moon sings every night, holding us as we sleep with her streaming light-song.

Joy lives in your own drunken electrons, billions of them, spinning and dancing without end in their own intimate Universe, longing for You.

Do not look for joy anywhere else.

It is living in you, and gives meaning to all Existence.

Turn your heart’s eyes inward right now, and let them gaze in awe at the immensity

~ Judith Lasater

47 comments on “Inspiration – Your Joy is too Small

  1. Love the words…love the photo! Thanks, Val! ❤

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  2. That is so beautiful and inspirational, Val. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Love this, Val, love it



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  5. Lovely and very true, Val 🙂

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  6. That photo captures the essence of unconfined joy!

    “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.” ~ Lord Byron

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  7. Such a vibrant tribute to joy — yippee! Thank you Val!

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  8. An excellent reminder Val.. May we all keep jumping in the joy of our lives.. <3…

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  9. The photo captures the true spirit of joy. Thanks Val for sharing.

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  10. Joy is many a times misunderstood or not understood.
    All take the inspiration from their old earned nasty habits.
    Come join the Joy of Music 🎶 at mine. And the previous one.
    Happy Going

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    • Thank you Shiva. Yes – joy is not found in the superficial or a passing external fancy. When we connect inwards it is there for each and every one of us. Namaste 💛

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  11. Thank you Val – this is joyous indeed…

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  13. Feeling Joy Val! 🌿😃🌿😃

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  14. Beautiful, Val.

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  15. “the jailer of your thoughts”, Val, I need to fire that jailer.

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  16. “It teaches each tree to dance her own private blissful dance with the wind” … love this!
    Love this post, Val!

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