* Self Absorption and Empathy

self absorbed

“Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large.
But when we focus on others, our world expands.
Our own problems drift to the periphery of the mind and so seem smaller, and we increase our capacity for connection – or compassionate action.”

~ Daniel Goleman from Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships

This is big.
For our society and the world.
For every adolescent about to reach adulthood.
For every man and woman asking “What’s in it for me?”

There cannot be peace in the world as long as we remain self absorbed and competing against one another.

The answer lies within each and every one of us.
Now is the time to feed into the greater good of humanity and connect with empathy to our fellow human beings.

You can start now by focusing on understanding others and expanding your world. Be curious rather than judge those who don’t fit in to your way of thinking. Embrace a new perspective.

We are all imperfect.
We all have beliefs, values and feelings. We all have needs and want to be loved, belong and be happy.

We cannot focus on our own happiness, without being concerned about the happiness of others.

After all, everything is connected.


48 thoughts on “* Self Absorption and Empathy

  1. “Be curious rather than judge those who don’t fit in to your way of thinking.” ~> OK, I’ll be curious about Trump and try not to judge him.

    After all, like me, he just wants to be happy. 😉

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  2. Another excellent piece from yourself Val.. Yes I know I am far far from perfect..
    May we all expand outwards and embrace the imperfections of others as we reach out to hold hands with broken hearts as we learn to all heal together..
    Beautiful post.. Love and Blessings ..
    Sue ❤

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  3. Loved this Val. Your message has been coming at me from many points including :

    If we keep our own light selfishly hidden, it will only provide a limited amount of illumination. But when we share our light with others, we do not diminish our own light. Rather, we increase the amount of light available to all.

    ~Master Sheng-Yen

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    • You make a good point David. Yet those collective societies still have a “them vs us” mentality. It is something that transcends society that we must embrace for the future 💛
      I hope the internet can be vehicle for the light to travel far and wide. 🙏


  4. Wonderful post, and very timely as well especially in the USA as the election and many areas of social unrest pop up. “…our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large…” and it seems so easy to get caught up in ourselves, ignoring the more important areas of life: coming together. Great and need action the world needs.

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  5. “The answer lies within each and every one of us.” And “Be curious rather than judge those who don’t fit into your way of thinking.” Both resonate strongly with me, as you know. Thank you for continuing to spread this important message.

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