* Is This a Sign of Old Age?

I was taking the usual drive to my Friday yoga class in Media PA this morning, when I encountered something interesting coming towards me on the road.

It was a magnificent specimen, but it definitely wasn’t a sad encounter this time.

It looked something like this:

man running


I said out loud “Thank you God!” and chuckled all the way to the studio.

Is mindful lusting a sign of old age?…


p.s. For all you watchers out there – travel south on Route 252 around 9.00am between West Chester Pike and Gradyville Road.

35 thoughts on “* Is This a Sign of Old Age?

  1. Mindful lusting is a sign that you appreciate a fine specimen of the human species and the older one gets, the more you notice I can assure you (as I’m in my 60s).

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning.

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  2. Haha!! To say I was shocked when I scrolled down doesn’t begin to cover it…to say I laughed my butt off…DOES!! πŸ™‚ I find it interesting how age seems to make the mind shift from “Oh yes” to “Oh my!” Loves this, Val β™‘

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