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I Have to Laugh

many ways

The path to truth is so wide and universal that I have to laugh at my belief that there could be one way, one gate, one right answer, that I could need to do anything at all to be complete. ~ Danna Faulds taken…

* Is This a Sign of Old Age?

I was taking the usual drive to my Friday yoga class in Media PA this morning, when I encountered something interesting coming towards me on the road. It was a magnificent specimen, but it definitely wasn’t a sad encounter this time. It looked something…

* LOL moment – Golda

“Don’t be so humble; you are not that great.” ~ Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister (1898-1978)   I love this quote on so many levels. Go and find your laugh out loud moment this weekend 🐥

* Learning to Play

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
I had forgotten how to play to laugh for the sheer joy of life, to be silly, to growl at a shadow, toss a sock ball in the air, wag my tail, make tiny leaps of delight, smoother…

* How is Your Sense of Human?

Have you noticed how our computers and smartphones are becoming more intuitive when it comes to our spelling? For example, when I type in meditate it changes  to mediate. Learned appears as lean red….. Texting now comes with so many errors that I have…

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