I Have to Laugh

The path to truth is
so wide and universal
that I have to laugh
at my belief that there
could be one way,
one gate, one right
answer, that I could
need to do anything
at all to be complete.

~ Danna Faulds taken from “Limitless”

May these words bring a smile to your day.


* Is This a Sign of Old Age?

I was taking the usual drive to my Friday yoga class in Media PA this morning, when I encountered something interesting coming towards me on the road.

It was a magnificent specimen, but it definitely wasn’t a sad encounter this time.

It looked something like this:

man running


I said out loud “Thank you God!” and chuckled all the way to the studio.

Is mindful lusting a sign of old age?…


p.s. For all you watchers out there – travel south on Route 252 around 9.00am between West Chester Pike and Gradyville Road.

* Learning to Play

Its so easy to forget how to discover and play. May this pup video and poem bring lightness and laughter today. Val x

Source of Inspiration

I had forgotten
how to play
to laugh for
the sheer joy
of life, to be
silly, to growl
at a shadow,
toss a sock ball
in the air, wag
my tail, make
tiny leaps of delight,
smoother others with
puppy kisses full of
the promise of
love without end.

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* How is Your Sense of Human?

Have you noticed how our computers and smartphones are becoming more intuitive when it comes to our spelling? For example, when I type in meditate it changes Β to mediate. Learned appears as lean red…..
Texting now comes with so many errors that I have given up trying to change them. It happens to all of us. Let’s let that one go! πŸ™‚

The other day I was commenting on Louise’s blog “Dare Boldly”.Β I typed in “sense of humor” and Apple changed it to sense of human. How funny and very true for this post about picking up in her yard!

It made me pause …. Having a sense of humor about being human is so important as we go through the highs and lows of life.

owl laughing

A sense of human is when…

  • we embrace our inner critter when it gets up to mischief!
  • we can laugh at our imperfections … and then give ourselves a hug πŸ™‚
  • we notice all aspects of ourselves and can say “How curious!” “How fascinating!” or “How hilarious!”
  • we realize that life is actually like a daytime soap opera!
  • we look in the mirror, see our parent and laugh out loud!
  • we find ourselves noticing the pain and struggle in others and bring lightness their way …
  • we appreciate that laughter feeds our souls and is good for our health πŸ˜›

So share often!