* Inspiration – That is What we Do

berries in ice

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“There are many reasons to be kind, but perhaps none is as compelling as the spiritual fact that that is what we do. It is how the inner organ of being keeps pumping …Β even when other beings sting.

Some say this makes us a sorry lot that never learns, but to me it holds the same beauty as berries breaking through ice and snow every spring. It is what quietly feeds the world. After all, the berries do no have any sense of purpose or charity. They are not altruistic or self-sacrificing. They simply grow to be delicious because that is what they do.”

~ Mark Nepo from The Book of Awakening

When we tune in to our essence, we know that this is what we do.

Be true to your Self.


27 thoughts on “* Inspiration – That is What we Do

  1. Yes our plant life reach up to the Light only Being the best they can be.. Loved this post.. and yes those icy shards can often pierce our spirit but winter gives way to Spring and we learn to grow… As the Ice inside melts to reveal the layers of our True selves..
    So resonated with this Val x

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