* Inspiration – Life lessons

life lessons

Life offers its wisdom generously

Everything teaches

Not everyone learns

~ Rachel Naomi Remen

It is all there for us, yet we continue to be blind.

We find sparks of wisdom in conversations, walks, places of worship and classes

And then forget once again when we leave that space.

Be open to learn from the wisdom that surrounds you every day.

The answer lies within you as you connect with the wonder of it all.

Open your eyes and live your best life.

33 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Life lessons

  1. Quite so Val. You of course know more than most of us that even the very simplest things or actions can bring deep wisdom if observed attentively. For example, if we make a simple volition at the start of the day to exquisitely observe just one thing throughout the course of that day, it can be quite wondrous. Here is a good example that I use myself as a matter of habit:

    Each time you go to turn a door handle, pay complete attention to the whole experience beginning with the moment that the volition arises to open the door. Then be acutely aware as the arm reaches out; notice the change in temperature and pressure as the palm and fingers wrap around the handle; notice the delicious sensation of the hand rotating and note how that echoes up through to the shoulder; observe how the axis of the shoulder moves in drawing the door towards you; note the slight change in air temperature as the door sucks air in or out of the room; note also the subtle sound of the door’s movement – and then just reflect for a second or two on what happened and how it felt.

    The whole process only takes six or seven seconds, and yet it can feel almost miraculous in its perfection – incredibly sensual and deliciously so. It is hardly yoga I know Val, yet is a lovely way of setting up a mindfulness trigger and letting the wisdom of movement come into our mundane activities. It is the perfection that is occurring all the time whilst we ignore it in our obsessive thinking. H ❤

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    • Thank you for sharing! What a a great example of attentive mindfulness to use every day Hariod. I love how it brings in all the senses (imagining opening to fresh air) as well as awareness to the body. 💛

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  2. Strange, I was just thinking about this last night. I post so often about the importance of appreciating every day and many people, including myself, comment and say that they’ll start to do it. But, how many people actually do? Not many, I would guess. Not because we don’t care, but simply because as you said, we “forget once again when we leave that space.” These are keys to life that need to be carried with us. Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder.

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  3. I read something the other day about how to hear the Universe, how to be open to see the signs and the lessons that were coming your way… and you hit it spot on, the article could be boiled down to “open your eyes”. LOL. Love this reinforcement I’m getting from you today Val! 🙂 Thank you!

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  4. There are reasons or purposes for all things. Sometimes learning means interaction, sometimes silence to simply absorb the moments. Val, this is a lovely and precious quote you featured. Life will present opportunities and as you mentioned in a comment, we need to be open to those.

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