* Be the Being you are

the Being you are

Let yourself be the being you are

This being that you are, is in the deep core of your living experience

In this very moment

This being is beyond anything you can think

The living presence is beyond any self image

It is the essence of you

Drop any notion you have of yourself right now

Just be here, in this moment

Take full nourishing breaths and allow yourself to soften

Let go and feel into the deeper beyond

Can you sense it?

Say yes to this part of yourself

This is the beautiful Being you are

29 thoughts on “* Be the Being you are

  1. This is such a great way of dealing with stuff. I feel like a failure, a loser, a wimp, in not ‘winning’ my job back from the managers of my husband’s nursing home but I have been avoiding those feelings of failure and anger. Thank you so much for this poetic advice.

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