explain the unknown

“Trying to explain the unknown 

Using symbols and words of

The known is like

Trying to smell one’s nose.”

Wu Hsin  from The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin translated by Roy Melvyn


He has good point!

… Yet we keep trying to do so 😉

17 comments on “* Wu Hsin – Explaining the Unknown

  1. The gift is certainly to be able to live with mystery. Wonderful words, Val.

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  2. We do – and we probably always will! 🙂

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  3. Reena Davis

    Love this!

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  4. He nailed it!

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  5. Never thought of it like that? Still it makes you think. Thanks Val 🙂

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  6. I don’t know about you Val, but my nose smells good. 😉 Seriously now… it is a valid point. ❤
    Diana xo

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  7. I’ve stopped trying to smell my nose, seriously. All things cannot be explained. I accept 🙂

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  8. learningtocry

    Cute. : ) Sniff sniff.
    Also I just want to drink up that photo of the face. Absolutely love it!

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  9. I guess thats part of being human Val, we are forever curious and it takes us such a long time to just trust in the unexplainable.

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