* Being There For Yourself

This post is inspired by one earlier (Being There is Enough) where the focus was on being there for someone else. Now it is your turn. xo

open your heart
Sometimes all we can do is to be there for our selves…
Being present to our inner state, without judgment or temptation to fix.
Setting aside our urge to make things different or somehow “better”,
By evaluating the pieces and trying to mould them into solutions that make sense,
Or rushing to move past the hurt and discomfort of feelings and thoughts.

In this place of being right here, allow the strategic mind to quieten and open your heart.
Simply be with your heart and your own aching humanity.

In this vulnerable place, the life energy that flows through us all begins to expand and flow.
This knowing presence that acknowledges the sadness, loss and yearning.

Remember, within all of us is a deep longing for love and wholeness.
Trust that when you touch this tender place, the life energy will awaken and transform you.
Let it flow within you and through you.

All is well in its presence.

21 thoughts on “* Being There For Yourself

    • Julie, I think you might have answered your question. Its hard to think ourselves into a new way of being. The answer isn’t in our mind, its connecting to our senses and what we are feeling. Like that special gentle touch. The smell of a flower. The clean air in our nostrils. The calming cup of tea. The sun coming up…
      Sending you a hug.

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