One of the topics I always come back to, is being graceful in the lows of life and how to handle the flood of emotions that most of us feel when we are triggered.
I have also noticed that over the past few years I have become less likely to react and am able to let go and come into the present moment.
As I re-read this post called The Argument, my body contracts and I feel an echo of the very same reaction running through me.
At the end I find myself smiling with relief and gratitude.
We are all on a path of learning and growth. 😌

Find Your Middle Ground

I can recall so clearly what happens when I am triggered. It still surprises me when I am, but I also know that it will pass when I let myself feel what’s going on. I used to think that being graceful was putting on a brave face and not showing how hurt I was.  Rather than storming off and vowing never to speak to that person again …. I guess I’ve found my own way of finding grace when triggered.

The Argument

How dare you!! 

Come into the present moment and notice

the pounding head, the clenched jaw and hands in fists

the thoughts that spark like fiery daggers

Don’t control me! I don’t want this! I don’t need you!

Feel the tears and absolute frustration

the vulnerability at being in this place of hurt and loss.

Loss of control. Loss of connection. Loss of understanding.

Become that wee girl too…

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6 comments on “* Being Graceful When Triggered

  1. suzicate

    Allowing the emotions to ride through without reacting and taking a step back and a deep breath helps.

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    • Yes indeed Suz. Diving in and rising the big wave allows release and healing 😊

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    • That plus counting up to ten, metaphorically speaking, and trying to understand what triggered the outburst from the other person. But sooooooo much easier to say/write than to do! I am certain that how we react to others has, at its core, the relationship we have with ourselves.

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      • Counting to ten allows us to breath and access our higher cognitive brain. Very helpful in bringing about understanding of what it is that needs to be looked at more fully.
        Thanks Paul!


  2. I love this, Val! Too many times that darn ego has stepped in and decided that it wants to strip love away!! It is a learned response that I am trying very hard to unlearn! Much love to you and many blessings as we head into this weekend!♡

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