* Tao 101


“Life is fleeting,

Tao is constant:

An eternal emptiness full of bursting”

                                                                                                              Lao Tzu

Over the years I have come across many quotes from Lao Tzu that really resonated with me. Its taken me a while, but thanks to Kindle I now have the Tao te Ching as my bedside reading. This translation brings Tao into context for the world we live in today. It makes it accessible and easy to grasp.

Like Tao 101.

“Tao could be described as the ultimate essence of existence. However, once you find yourself in possession of a basic knowledge of Tao, you will quickly realize how silly it would be to attempt to define it…

While this mysterious oneness of which we are all a part may be impossible to understand or experience in its entirety, we spend our entire lives interacting with its physical manifestations. While everyday things like rocks, candy, shoes, etc. may seem mundane and simple, they are nevertheless an inseparable part of this great mystery of which we are all a part.”*

We interact with its physical manifestation and are all connected to the mystery… 🙂

I look forward to sharing more words of wisdom as I spend some time hanging out here.

*Translation of Tao Te Ching by Braun Jr., John; von Bargen, Julian; Warkentin, David (Kindle Locations 1097-1098).  Kindle Edition.

23 Comments on “* Tao 101

  1. “We interact with its physical manifestation and are all connected to the mystery…”… that’s it… Tao also resonates in me… in may way, it is Poetry! Beautiful quotes & thoughts. Thank you dear Val ! ♥


      • I have been reading articles by James Lovelock, who predicts there will be no habitable planet by the end of this century. He is a world-wide respected scientist. His views are important. He is now in his 90th decade, having spent a life-time studying the Earth. So enjoy!!! We all must. Eve


        • The future is unknown, even to those who believe they know. Everything passes. In the meantime, I agree, let’s enjoy every moment and live life fully 🙂

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          • to a point the future is unknown but we do know the earth is suffering and needs attn. Still, the point is to enjoy what time we have. Yes, I agree. Eve 🙂


  2. Val, the combination of mystery and simplicity in Tao is what so profoundly attracts me. I love the phrase “emptiness full of bursting.” 🙂


    • Me too Don. It’s simplicity challenges our assumptions and opens up a new way of see the world… and ourselves.
      Thank you for your comment!


  3. ‘. . . you will quickly realize how silly it would be to attempt to define it.’

    This, I think Val, whilst being perfectly true, is what leaves the door open to those who would seek to criticise what may loosely be described as ‘spiritual teachings’. As you may well know, in the orthodox Buddhist canon, it is said that the Buddha spent many days contemplating how he could teach something so subtle and profound as that which revealed itself to him. This also is why faith plays pays an invaluable role in the psychological make-up of any student or seeker of course; they cannot ever know quite what it is they are seeking!

    Many thanks for this Val.

    Hariod. ❤


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