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Let The New Unfold, Have No Preconceived Ideas About It

“Let the new unfold, have no preconceived ideas about it. No one person or one
 group of people have the whole picture of the new. It is a vast jigsaw puzzle
, which will gradually be formed as each individual contributes his individual part 
of the picture.

As each piece slips into its rightful place, without being forced 
and without a struggle – for remember every piece fits into its rightful place 
perfectly – so will the New unfold.

Slip into your rightful place and there wait
 in perfect peace, allowing every other piece to find its place. It is a glorious 
future that is unfolding, even if you are unable to see what it is just yet. Simply accept My word for it.”

~ Eileen Caddy



Find your place, your piece.

Be Patient.

You don’t know it all.

Stay true to your inner guide.

Let the new unfold.

29 comments on “Let the New Unfold

  1. Timely advice, Val. I need to keep this in mind.


  2. Nice sentiment but I don’t know if it’s true.


  3. Like any adventure the wait is exciting, exploring it more so, and in remembrance leaves a glow to guide us 💜
    Great post Val, thank you 💜


  4. This really encouraged me, Val, especially with two situations in my life. I’m aware of the “new” unfolding so am acting within the law of LOVE in both situations with NO expectations. Thank you so much for this post! xo


  5. “Be patient.” This is something I struggle with…thanks for the reminder, Val. ❤


  6. Yes, and yes, Val! ❤

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  7. Eileen Caddy was a wise woman. Sage advise here. Let go and see what unfolds. 😉

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  8. Great post and I just love the message, Val 🙂
    We need to be open to all the new and in same time accept all, what we don’t know yet.

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  9. A timely message Val.

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  10. Love this, Val. A rationally serene point of view. ❤

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  11. Truth 👏🙏🏻

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  12. A lovely message, Val. Both individually and collectively, this provides hope for peaceful being as the new slowly reveals itself. 🙏🏻💕

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  13. Allowing life to unfold in its own way and in its own time is so much easier than attempting to “push the stream.”


  14. Beautifully said, and so important, Val. I think the “be patient” encouragement is often key for me.


  15. I love the way your blog unfolds, Val. ❤

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  16. I love this Val… and it confirms to me what I wrote in my drafts a few days ago that is sitting waiting for me to press publish.. As I take time for my own new projects to unfold and allow myself to go with the flow, shutting the world at large out for a time to concentrate again on my own inner peace,

    Sending so much love your way Val.. Thank you for all of your wisdom.

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  17. yes. that feel so right. thank you, Val.


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