Opinions about Opinions

When I was young I wanted to be grown up and have opinions. I believed that adults with opinions knew what life was about. And that’s what I wanted. I wanted to know things and feel secure in that knowledge, rather than being unsure and insecure.

And so I became opinionated.

I took on a lot of the same values and judgments of my family. But I also went against some of their ways of seeing other people and the world.

And so I formed my own opinions.

Then one day I asked myself  Do my opinions really matter? Do they make a difference or help others … or is it just a facade?  What was behind my opinions?

This is what I discovered.

We strive for knowing in an unknown world. Underneath we still feel insecure and unsure, but we believe that we are right about things. That makes us feel better.

As long as we are attached to our opinions, and how the world should be, our minds remain closed. We become prisoners of our opinions.

Our preferences prevent us from being open to the moment, and can take us off on a wild goose chase to feel more knowledgable, in control … and opinionated.

Opinions about how things should be, keep us hooked on specific outcomes. It takes us out of the present and prevents us from seeing alternatives and exploring new ways.

We judge others as ‘wrong’, when they don’t share our opinions. This increases separation rather than connection and understanding. We become more self centered.

Opinions are an expression of an evolved ego, not an evolved human being.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.




41 thoughts on “Opinions about Opinions

  1. I like your opinion! 🙂

    When my youngest was about 5 she developed severe back issues. They gave us a diagnosis. It was a convenient “label”. That label was like the opinions of which you write. They gave me something to blame, to target, to learn about and to name what I couldn’t name — but the label did not change anything. It didn’t even make me feel all that better!

    The answer for my daughter, btw — was yoga and dance. 🙂

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  2. Enjoyed how you expressed this. I’ve always said that everyone has an opinion and no one wants yours. Opinion is a thought form that changes as we learn and grow. It seems to be a form of judgement about people and things. I’m not nearly as opinionated now that I’m older. I just tend to watch and observe. Kind of like sitting in the audience of a circus. 🙂

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    • Thank you Diana. I think the danger is when we get attached to them and believe they are right. Practicing letting go of my preferences and seemingly benign opinions is a big one for me. 💛🙏💛

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    • Thanks Jill. 💛 There seems to be a fine line between having opinions, sharing them and also having preferences. Preferences are the more subtle version of opinions. We may not share them with others, or try to impose them on others, yet we still impose on ourselves. Have a great week 💛

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    • Will do Hariod. If only I was an active tweeter 😉
      One part of the world evolves while the other gets more entrenched in the old ways. Looks like Mother Nature is having her say though. It’s going to be quite the ride ahead. 💛

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  3. I think opinions are fine, as long as we don’t confuse them with facts. Trained as a scientist (although never working in that capacity) I look at opinions as hypotheses, which means they should be subject to constant testing, and we should learn from the fact if/when they are proven to be incorrect.

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    • True Dan …. yet new facts are becoming known every day. Old data becomes obsolete. When we cling to what is researched and proven we may miss out on what is happening in front of us. Thank you 🙏

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  4. A prickly subject to wrestle with…and you expressed it so clearly and eloquently. Opinions keep us out of our hearts as well. We tend to not listen…we are anxiously awaiting a break so we can express ours! Nicely done, dear Val. 💕

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  5. My opinions are like the weather – changeable! 🙂 But now I’ve read your very eloquent post Val, I don’t feel so bad. I agree with so much of what you say – opinions are just that: opinions, and not something written in stone.

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  7. Being a prisoner to your opinions is what keep us from moving forward. However if we let ourself wander into the perspective that others have or may be open ourself to the wide horizon of opinions we can learn so much.
    Differences in opinions is an opportunity to learning.
    I m opiniated too and love to engage into the minds of other people for better perspective.

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