Habits and Compassion

breaking habit

“The fear habit, the anger habit, the self-pity habit—all are strengthened and empowered when we continue to buy into them. The most compassionate thing we can do is to interrupt these habits.

  • Acknowledging that we are all churned up is the first and most difficult step in any practice. Without compassionate recognition that we are stuck, it’s impossible to liberate ourselves from confusion.
  • ‘Doing something different’ is the next step that interrupts our ancient habit of indulging in our emotions. We do anything to cut the strong tendency to spin out… Anything that’s non-habitual will do—even sing and dance or run around the block. We do anything that doesn’t reinforce our crippling habits.
  • The third most difficult practice is to then remember that this is not something we do just once or twice. Interrupting our destructive habits and awakening our heart is the work of a lifetime.”

~ Pema Chodron

… Turning off Facebook and the TV is an act of compassion


26 thoughts on “Habits and Compassion

  1. Matthew Ricard describes emotions as ephemeral and transparent. Every region in the brain that has been identified with some aspect of emotion has also been identified with aspects of cognition. There are no “emotion centers” in the brain.

    Buddhists do not have a name for emotion. They can last as little as three seconds. I know an emotion can not describe me or you.

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  2. Loved this post, Val! I was just contemplating some of this while Dylan was reading his evening news edition in the grass along the street… running around the block and switching of the news is great medicine ❤

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  3. Really useful advice, Val 🙂
    It is more than 10 years ago, I had and watched a TV, which for many are difficult to understand, how to live without. I enjoy it.
    I do read news and follow, what is going on in our world, but now I can read online, when it fits me and I don’t need to see all the ugly photos and videos.
    This helped me a lot to find time to find my middle ground.

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