* The Practice of Surrender to Become Real

surrender to awareness

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“Until you practice surrender, the spiritual dimension is something you read about, talk about, get excited about, write books about, think about, believe in — or don’t, as the case may be.

It makes no difference. Not until you surrender does it become a living reality in your life.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

This reminds me of some insightful words from Hariod at  Contentedness.net

“It is perhaps something of a paradox that for her to find what she innately knows she wants, she – as seeker – must dissolve into awareness, no longer to live as a subject in search of knowledge-objects”  ~ Hariod Brawn

As long as we see spirituality as something out there that we seek, we will not find it.

Spirituality is not the object, but is within us all.

It is the ultimate subject … the conscious awareness of who we are.

It is revealed only when we experience surrender.

An inquiring mind is engaged and attached to outcome. Allow the unknown intelligence that is not of the intellect to sense what is already here.

Let yourself dissolve into awareness.


36 thoughts on “* The Practice of Surrender to Become Real

  1. I have been struggling lately with everything and getting sad and confused and frustrated and angry and defeated and sad …. around and around, chasing my non-tail. My psychologist used the word ‘surrender’ at our last meeting and now you have confirmed that this is a good way of moving forward. Thanks, Val xxx

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    • Letting go and accepting what is, is such a challenge Julie. When we are struggling, it is also often a sign of an inner transformation about to take place. Surrendering in this way can bring new freedom. Sending hugs your way. 💕

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  2. Let myself dissolve into awareness…

    Yeah. That feels right.

    I feel like I entered this existence aware… and that awareness has been coated again and again, like a grain of sand in an oyster, with all the ideas, ideals, wounds, and beliefs of this mortal realm… and my journey, my quest, is to dissolve each one of them, until I am once again in that perfect state of awareness.

    Love this post!

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