* From Head to Heart

hands on heart

I am reading John J Prendergast’s book “In Touch”. Its one of those books that I want to devour, yet I must slow down in order to savor every piece of it. It is that good.

Here is a passage worth sharing.

This is for everyone who believes that life is lived from the neck up.

“Much of what we call the spiritual journey involves a shift of attention from the head to the heart. Although they are only a short distance from each other, they are a world apart in terms of experiencing life…

We live in our heads when we are lost in our thoughts. It is easy to do…

Thinking in itself is not the problem. We often need to think – the clearer the better. The problem arises when we believe our thoughts and identify with our thinking. We let our thoughts define us and, by extension, everyone and everything else.
When we believe our judgmental thoughts we are in prison.
When we confuse thinking with reality, we suffer…

As we learn to see our thoughts as thoughts instead of reality, attention naturally drops from the head to the heart. Whenever attention is brought to the heart, the heart becomes increasingly more familiar and less foreign. In time we sense it is our new home.”

Pause and take a moment to place your hands in the center above your heart. Notice the sense of comfort and perhaps even a feeling of coming home.

There is much love and truth here.

As you go through your day, become curious about your thinking. Get to know your thoughts and recognize them with fresh eyes. Then come home to your heart.




44 thoughts on “* From Head to Heart

  1. Val, I found this book last year. It is a wonderful book! I have used one of the meditations with clients and have found it to be very useful. The book has inspired me in so many ways. Enjoy! πŸ’•

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  2. who doesn’t LOVE to find new sources of inspiration? thanks, you’ve been TWO for me this am!! I’ll have to check out the book and author, and I appreciate YOU letting the good feeling vibration flow across the world thru these electrons, so that others can continue it!!! beautiful – thanks for sharing your goodness. an unknown friend, momentummikey πŸ™‚

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  4. Technically thought, judgment, ego is a left hemisphere thing. Cognition happens in our left hemisphere.

    Intuition, happens on the right side. Words, consonants, right or wrong, good or bad, the past or future does not exist in the right side.

    Mindfulness/Meditation takes us to the right hemisphere, our expansive side.

    It is going from thought to intuition or to our heart, soul, our perfect part of us.

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      • Check out Jill Bolte Taylor. She wrote the book

        A Stroke of Genius

        She was a brain scientist who had a stroke with her left hemisphere shutting down over a four hour period

        She went to her Rolodex and it was pixels

        She could not tell where her arm began and the wall ended in the shower

        She exclaimed how am I going to get all this, her expansive side of the brain back in her head

        She has done a couple of TED talks


  5. My hands will drop over my heart as soon as I finish typing Val.. and say thank you for that share.. The more older I get the more I so understand Life is all about HEART..
    Love and special hugs my friend and thank you for always sharing what is in your own heart _/\_ ❀ Sue xxx


    • When we find it embrace it, keep it open, breathe into it. Let it be our guide and anchor in this complex world which becomes revolved around thinking, problem solving and finding happiness outside of ourselves.
      Love your comment Karen! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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      • Love your reply! So true about problem solving and fixing! Ughh I have just had this experience with my book and once I surrendered it to spirit and opened my heart to trust, everything changed. Everything flowed! I am extrememly grateful for this understanding. πŸ™‚

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