* Inspiration – being free


awakened heart

“Take courage. Being free is neither difficult nor distant.
I know it has often been conceived, perceived and presented to be rare, remote and difficult, but all that is delusion—a great seeming.
I don’t know why awakening happens in one heart so completely and in another there is some delay or postponement. I am not deeply concerned about this.
But I know that the voice that calls you is true, and where you are being called to is real and true. Heaven is inside your own heart.”*

I find Mooji’s words so straight forward and assuring.

So lets lighten up and trust the calling. 💛


* Mooji (2015-12-03). White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji (Kindle Locations 117-120). Mooji Media Publications. Kindle Edition.

41 thoughts on “* Inspiration – being free

  1. Val, another very interesting one. ‘Being free’ is a state that interests me. I often wonder about it’s connections to being ‘needed.’ So many people dream of ‘being free but when they get there, it can seem like a desert. I haven’t sorted this out ye but think there’s a balance ~ a middle ground ~ between ‘being free and ‘being needed.’ Thoughts?

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    • As I understand Mooji’s quote, “being free” means being “real and true,” being guided from within rather than being imprisoned by stale thoughts and emotions.

      When we are not blocked by fear, guilt, anger, resentment, etc. we are free. We hold the keys. We can choose to “let go” of anything that no longer serves us. The unblocked mind is free to flow like a river, the wind, a breath, or a cloud with no hesitation. It hears the heart when it whispers.

      If your heart whispers for you to fill a need . . . you feel free to fill it. Because doing so is being “real and true” to you. Just flow.

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    • We carry around so many memories, intentions, and concepts in the pockets of the mind. Keep emptying your pockets. ~ Writing on Water, Mooji

      When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. ~ Lao Tzu

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    • Such an interesting perspective Jean, and great question! You got me thinking…
      I believe that awakening and freedom are associated with realizing that we are not in fact separate human beings but are part of bigger consciousness, Presence or Spirit. When we see that we are all part of this immense awareness of being, then we become detached from individual thoughts, needs, wants and fears.
      Rather than being free from other people or their expectations of us, we are free in spirit. We still live in our human dimension, but are free from attachment to others and our own thinking.
      I’m not sure I found the right words here or if I got your meaning clearly 💛

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  2. Thank you for bringing Mooji’s words. I find it so freeing that we can add our vibrations of love and healing to the universe, but individuals must make their own choices. I often wonder at the choices in my life that led me to the deep spiritual path I’m on right now. I recognize the timeline of many of these experiences….but I bet there have been so many other subtle signals along the way that I haven’t yet realized. I trust that we are all ONE, and that there are reasons that some journeys play out different than others.

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  3. Dear Val… beautiful and inspirational words… Being free is neither difficult nor distant…. so true… I think that at times we might become slaves of our freedom, so to speak… It is a paradox, a sort of weightless burden, if you wish…
    Sending love and all my best wishes. Aquileana 🌟.-

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