Space for gratitude

Here’s an other gem from Karl over at Mindful Balance. Notice what your intention is next time you take a walk…


File:Brave person walking out on the glacier point ledge.jpg

Then there was Jim, who said that for many years he took walks that were ‘ranting’ walks. He would walk and contemplate all the things that angered him about the world. One day he decided to begin taking ‘gratitude’ walks. ‘Now while I walk I recount all the things I am grateful for in my life and don’t allow myself to think of negative things at all. I have found this simple practice to be a great gift.’

John Izzo, The Five Secrets you must Discover before Your Die

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17 Comments on “Space for gratitude

  1. I love gratitude. I try to be in that place as much as possible. When I am home where there is beauty, love, silence and solitude, it is easy. Out in the world with TVs and noise and angry people it is a little harder, but when I am being in gratitude there, as well, it changes everything. Thanks Val.

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    • Yes, it does indeed Mary! As I read Karl’s post I realized that there are so many people I advice to walk. Now I will suggest gratitude walks 💛


  2. I love walking. I do a lot of long walks, in the woods, in busy streets, in different countries. Here’s one of the things I learned while walking: that every step I make is an affirmation of grace, of mercy, of being alive, of making me aware of what matters in life. I walk with a grateful heart. Thanks, Val, for posting this nice quote.

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  4. Val I do this on my morning walk, I think about all the good and I send prayer to those who need it. It is better than grizzling, I cannot imagine liking my walks if I was negative all the time.

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