* Are you a Giver or a Taker?

Many of us when asked are we givers or takers, will answer “Oh yes, I am a giver”. But is it really so, or is it our ego that wants to believe it to be so…

Are you bringing your gifts to the world or are you looking for what you can get from the world?

woman holding the world

This question opens up a huge difference in perspective as well as in our attitude and how we show up.

One comes from a place of openness, abundance and sharing, while the other comes from a place of tension, lack and self absorption. The energy is so different … and it is palpable.

All around us are people asking “What’s in it for me”? …
… When the real questions are  “What can I bring to them?” “What are my talents and skills that I can offer?” “How can I share what I love to do?”

This thought came to my mind today as I recall when I was a new yoga teacher, how my attitude was that I needed to make a certain amount of money from my classes, or it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Worthwhile to whom? To me of course… and my ego.

I had forgotten that I chose to teach because I love yoga and being a teacher. It is something I believe in and want to share with others. Its my gift to the world and my dharma or life purpose.
Whether I bring this to 4 people or 15, I impact them.

Real worth is measured by how much we express our unique selves, and how we can make a difference in the world.

So, whether you are wanting to teach a class, thinking about a career change or making a decision in your life, shift your perspective and questions! Let go of the fear of not having enough and open your heart to the abundance that is within you.

Experience the difference … and the results.


39 thoughts on “* Are you a Giver or a Taker?

  1. I love the introspection and the shift of perspective, Val. I am faced with the need to make a big decision in my life…and the overriding emotion I feel about it is fear. I know that I must change this perspective if I am to actually “make” a decision. And I must make one soon as this limbo is the energy I want to be in. Much love to you…and thank you! ♡

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  2. “One comes from a place of openness, abundance and sharing, while the other comes from a place of tension, lack and self absorption. The energy is so different … and it is palpable.” This is so true, Val. Excellent words of wisdom today.

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  3. Good points, Val.

    During a show promo the other day, a newlywed insisted that she NEEDED her husband to BE the way she wanted him to be. She was focused on what she wanted to GET from the relationship, rather than on what she could BRING to the relationship. Instead of GIVING him the gift of understanding and acceptance, she DEMANDED that he give her what her misguided thoughts told her she NEEDED.

    I GIVE the relationship 6 months. :mrgreen:

    That said, at times, we “take” so we have something to “give” later. It’s all about the balance of Yin ~> Yang ~> Yin ~> Yang.

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    • Oh dear for that relationship! I recall someone telling me that shifting from thinking “What I want from them” to “What I want for them” was one of the more powerful shift to make in any relationship.
      Like Yin and Yang, life is all about give and take – with every interaction and every breath. It all part of the same continuum and not opposite at all.

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  4. Wonderful reminders of how our inner dialogue works.. and how we should retrain our thinking.. That is why I loved Wayne Dyer so much.. he taught similar principles .. Thank you Val for teaching US..
    I so value your posts and thoughts..
    Blessings Sue

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  5. I like what you’re saying. The world is full of beautiful things, but “society” doesn’t owe anything to anyone. To go places ‘expecting’ things to be given to you is living in illusion. One has to learn how to give, no matter how awful one’s childhood was. It means more inner work, but it’s needed for survival.

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  6. When people think ” what’s in it for me,” thinking of the planet, we lose our environment. Hopefully people will think of what we can give to Her more. Thank you Val. Wonderful post.

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