* Haiku – waiting



Waiting for the news

Open to whatever’s next

one step at a time.


Walking and sitting

Corridors and waiting rooms

come and go with ease.


Keep in the present

Touch timeless space in each breath

Find my middle ground


19 Comments on “* Haiku – waiting

  1. I love this poem, Val…and I am sending clear energy. I have a habit of reading between the lines…and I have been known to be wrong…but either way…I send you lots of love and light energy. Much love♡♡

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  2. Sending some positive energy to help with those steps one at a time… Like Lorrie we poets are intuitive.. So know what ever you are awaiting.. Know LOVE is with you all the way..

    Lots of love Val…. Hugs and Blessings Sue xxx

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  3. This is a perfect haiku for the season. I think that autumn is always asking the question of ‘OK, what comes next’ after the summer season, so your line “Open to whatever’s next, one step at a time.” is a perfect feeling to have.

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  4. Lovely poem on those moments when we don’t know, when we wait, and prepare to stay in the present no matter what. Happy all is well ❤

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