T.G.I.F.: Let’s be – that kind of clear.

Perfect for today! Thank you David Kanigan.

Live & Learn


Let’s walk around outside
and forget it is raining.
Let’s get soaked in all that noise.
Let’s be water all day,
and breathe like low tide when we sleep,
breathe like dew, and grateful faucets.
Let’s be the ice melting at the top of mountains—
that kind of clear.

~ Sophia Holtz, “Prayer to be Said on the Evening of a Terrible Day

Credits: Poem Source: The Sensual Starfish. Photograph: Namaste

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13 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.: Let’s be – that kind of clear.

  1. Good also for the morning of that day, in advance . . . if you knew it was coming :/ Maybe good for every morning. We just never know when we’ll really, really need it. (Or do we always really need it?)
    Some days are like that. They show us how very needy we are.

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