Reflection – Being Strong

woman in body armor

This post begins back in time… when I had a different perspective and experience of life.

I don’t believe that I was emotionally bruised
And I definitely don’t need any help! 
As a child I put my armor on
I built it so carefully. And before you ask – yes, it still fits like a glove.
Its comfortable enough .. and more so in war zones.

You see, I am strong.
Nobody messes with me.
I can take it. It isn’t personal after all.
Others are just stupid. Idiots. They haven’t got a clue.
In my safe bullet proof coat I can judge and put down others in a familiar way.

And then one day I realized that it wasn’t my coat at all,
It was the coat of arms of my family.
And I could change it.
I could choose to let go of being strong.

I see people wearing similar coats .. and I want to help them shed them when they are ready.
Its okay to acknowledge the vulnerable part that hurts.
This takes courage rather than strength.
It is our choice to open our hearts to new possibilities.
It takes courage to be open and vulnerable.
After all, when we are vulnerable, the love can come in

35 thoughts on “Reflection – Being Strong

  1. I love this. And isn’t there a certain kind of strength in letting go? Being vulnerable? Just a thought. Kind of seems there is. Maybe a different kind of strength….but it seems so brave.


  2. I love the distinction between strength and courage you make here and in the poem. For a long time I though that my strength was a good thing, and in a sense it was. I’m now discovering courage as its valuable companion. And it turns out being courageous is way harder than “just” being strong.

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    • Agreed. There are times where being strong is exactly what we need to overcome and survive.
      Being courageous is what we need to grow. Thank you for stopping by and joining in the conversation 💛

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