* A Health and Safety Announcement

fast and furious car~

Fast and furious
Full throttle to the next curve
Wait – do your brakes work?

The faster you go
Check your stop-ability
Before its too late

Its an investment
To slow down and simply stop.

Find your Middle Ground.


This pause is the place of refreshment, nourishment and renewal for mind body and spirit. Without it, we go through the habitual rushed motions of our day. Not only do we exhaust ourselves but we lose our ability to focus, be creative and generate fresh ideas.

As you launch into your week, take time to find your middle ground and connect with your true self.

This was a health and safety announcement from your higher Self.

30 responses to “* A Health and Safety Announcement

  1. Thank you, Val. I’ve been going so fast and furious while bringing back some very ill cats to health, that now I am slowing down. We miss SO much when we fly through life!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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  2. Thank you for the great reminder, Val. I have a busy day and week ahead of me, but I’ll be sure to stop and check my brakes periodically while I’m zooming around. 😉

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  3. Yes! There is always this small pause that occurs, just before the action takes place. Inside that space we have the ability to focus and decide which way it’s going to go…

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