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The following is taken from a Rupert Spira video where he talks about the three possibilities of who or what we believe we are. He teaches from the philosophy of Non Duality, or Advaita in the yoga tradition. On first reading this may be a bit of a mind bender. Remember, the ego mind does not like to be faced with the possibility of its non existence.


The first possibility is to consider ones self a body and a mind. A mixture of thoughts, images, ideas, feelings, sensations, sights, sounds, taste etc. As this body-mind we always feel we are fragmented and separate from the whole. As such, we seek to complete ourselves to make ourselves whole and to feel fulfilled. We do this by seeking fulfillment in an object, activity, substance, state of mind or in a relationship.

This is the experience we call happiness. The sense of lack or incompleteness comes to an end for a time. We experience what we were longing for.

Thought tells us that the cause of the happiness is the object, substance, state or relationships that we acquired. Our destiny is to spend our life trying to acquire this object, state of mind, activity etc in the future.

This is the possibility that most people experience. We believe that awareness is something that our body-mind has. Awareness comes and goes for us. Something that our body-mind has when we are awake but goes away when we are asleep. We feel that whatever happens to the body-mind happens to us. For example, As the body gets old, we think “I” am getting old.

The second possibility is to understand that what we essentially are, is not the mixture of the body and the mind, but is the one empty space of awareness. We can imagine it as a vast open knowing space. All thoughts feelings and perceptions appear without choice or preference.

In this awareness there is no thought, feeling sensation or perception. It is aware knowing being. It illuminates all experience.

We cannot see awareness but it allows us to understand experience. Like the sun and light. We cannot see the sun, but it renders all objects visible.

In this space of open, empty and luminous presence of awareness. Thoughts, feelings, ideals and sensations are not what I am, they are what I know.

A thought just flows by, just as a sound we might hear. We are not our thoughts, we are a borderless space of aware being in which thoughts, feelings, sights, etc appear. I experience the sound, but I am not this sound. I know my feelings but I am not my feelings. I know my thoughts but I am not my thoughts.

Nothing can disturb me in this essential nature of pure awareness. Our essential nature is undisturbable peace under any circumstance and conditions. We can’t make it happen, we are inherently always peaceful.

The third possibility is not to know oneself as the open empty space of awareness in which the appearances of the mind body and world appear, but to know oneself as the knowing with which all experience is known.

Notice your thoughts and allow them to appear. See that all there is to those thoughts is the process of thinking. Now see that all there is to thinking is the knowing of it. If we were to try and touch what thinking is made of, what do we find? Just transparent knowing. You are that knowing.

What we consider thinking as mind, is made out of pure awareness. Mind doesn’t exist independently.

Notice your body, the experience of sensation in different parts. All there is to this sensation is the experience of sensing. Try to touch the stuff that sensing is made of. What is the substance out of which the experience of sensing is made. Don’t go into thought, or the past ideas. Is there anything there other than the knowing of it. It isn’t from mind or matter, but is made of pure luminous empty awareness.

I plan to come back to this over time, and see if I gain more insight and begin to experience and know more about what Rupert Spira talks about.


40 comments on “The Three Possibilities of You

  1. Sharon Lawrence

    As always perfect timing. You are an amazing conduit for messages from the universe! Thank you. Thank you. Also wanted to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying the Theory U insights from his book….so much to assimilate. Ahhh, the quest for clarity continues!

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    • Smiling … Thank you Sharon for your kind words … and tuning in to what is emerging. So happy you are embracing all the learnings and growth opportunities out there. Being open to exploring and discovery is key to our quest for clarity. Take you time is letting each piece of the picture unfold 💕🙏💕


  2. I’ve listed to a lot of Rupert over the years, although not so much right now. Thanks for putting this out to consider. I feel like I’ve had experiences of awareness of these kinds, but abiding in pure awareness has been a challenge! (But then again, where is the one who wants to abide? Nowhere to be found…)

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    • For me, Rupert always seems to elevate and create a yearning for more understanding and ease in living in a very different way. Abiding in pure awareness is enthralling … but as you say, we must question are we willing and ready to reside there.


      • Beautiful way to describe his teachings. In recent years I have also come to realize the huge role the sympathetic nervous system plays in this. It has to relax enough so we can feel what hurts without going unconscious again. Sometimes our conscious mind may want to abide there but the body is still contracted in places.


  3. Love this! 🧡🌈 In life, there is only possibilities and choice. I choose to practice number 3 ha! 🙏🏻

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    • Practicing number 3 is what my evolved ego wants to be a part of too. Yet I also recognize I am not there. When we wish to attain, is it not part of the ego mind?
      Who said “ha!”

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      • Ha! I see it like this.

        I am not trying to attain or be number 3. I am aligning and practising being with beautiful light source energy each day and as a result, I unfold beautiful light source energy in me.

        You are there, I am there too. The only thing that happens is that we separate from it. Either with stories or beliefs. And so, we practice again!! Love to you Val 🌈

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  4. We’ve obviously chosen this state of ‘being’, either that or it is a jail sentence for something 😀 But, as this universe appears to have purpose the only thing, ‘in this state of being’, appears to want us to understand something. Like if you feel sadness you will feel and appreciate happiness all the more in experiencing both. So…this state wants us to appreciate? The other state? Or maybe it is to stop us whinging ‘up there’ because our eternity could be down here, so we are truly being shown this ‘sadness’ down here to appreciate the ‘happiness’ up there even more 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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  5. This was PERFECT for today. Thank you!

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  6. as you note, that was a bit challenging to follow…

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  7. When I read about #3, I thought the only person I ‘know’ that lives at that level is Eckhard. He is an example of pure being-ness. ❤

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  8. ogaraderrick

    I am slowly transitioning from Number 1 to number 2.
    I never knew the third existed. I still haven’t understood it either. I’ll just have to reread it later.

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  9. Yes – a mind bender. Perhaps your future posts will help elucidate

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  10. Definitely something to ponder over time, Val, as my brain is a bit rattled. Thank you for sharing! 🧡

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  11. as always, delicious food-for-thought…or should I say, food-for-pure luminous empty awareness? ;]

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  12. Wonderful and well written, Val, and yes this is a post to contemplate, and come back to and look forward to you expanding on its ideas. There are two distinct thoughts I had while reading this, and the first was the Daoist nature of the philosophy of the Dao de Jing, and then the other was scientific in that we are all made up of energy (which Hindu philosophy grasped thousands of years ago. Look forward to reading more. Take care ~

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Randall. There are many perspectives coming to the same conclusion. We just get lost along the way… 💛


  13. Being aware of
    being aware re-minds us ~
    I am awareness

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  14. Very beautifully written. This reminds me very much of the Third Karmapa‘s and Tilopa’s mahamudra texts.

    As I read this I imagined it actually as a process or step one two and three leading towards enlightenment.

    Actually it is also a lot like the mahadyamica from Nagarjuna as well.

    Thank you 🙏 so much.


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