When the Heat is On

We are experiencing a heatwave here in eastern Pennsylvania, with temperatures  hitting 100 degrees F (36 Celsius), and humidity sapping the energy out of every living thing.

This weather makes me sweaty and irritable. My tolerance level is very low and I get easily agitated by other grumpy folks!

I have spent lots of time indoors, grateful for the cool air conditioned breeze and cold drinks.

Yesterday I had an ice cream and it made me feel better for a short time…. until the lactose intolerance kicked in.

Today, I have found a different approach…. Humor/humour and a big dose of cold water.

It’s time to lighten up and not take things so seriously. Be careful out there as you cool off!

34 thoughts on “When the Heat is On

  1. Some of those water moves are a hoot (the ones that don’t hurt anyway). We’re still having trouble getting into the 70’s here in the Oregon mountains, Val. But I’m glad it’s not 100. Stay cool, my friend. Autumn is coming.

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  2. I don’t like the hot weather either, Val. (and I also occasionally eat ice cream even though I’m lactose intolerant 🙂 ).

    I think I must have been born in the wrong country when it comes to Aussie temperatures in Summer.

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  3. Humor is always a great way to face challenging times. I remember squirt gun fights with my boys that ended up with buckets, the hose and piles of laughter. Hang in there.

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    • Thanks Nancy! You aren’t appearing in my reader notifications …. Another WP update no doubt.
      I’ve been thinking about you in the heat. Luckily the heat wave has broken and humidity is lower. Take care 💕


  4. I’m in Florida, Central FL no less (no ocean, no wind of any kind, just the remains of a swamp now overgrown with buildings) … I feel your pain, better said, your sweat. It’s definitely been a brutal summer this year, but not so much heat wise, though yes that too, as much as the humidity. I don’t recall a summer in recent years that’s been as humid as this year. Air Conditioning and water Val … it’ll soon be over. ❤


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