Just Because it’s Different …

We all tend to think that our thinking is the truth, and what we believe is right. As we grow up and experience the highs and lows of life, we can either hold on to those ways, or be open to understanding other ways.

Moving to a new country is eye opening and life changing. When I came over   to live in the USA, I immediately noticed lots of unexpected differences in the way that people think, how they see the world, what they value, and how they behave … especially in public.

“Just because it’s different doesn’t mean its bad.”

This was the key message I shared with newcomers to the USA and people moving to Europe from here. I became a cross cultural trainer to increase awareness of differences and to share ways towards understanding, acceptance and integrating into in a new culture.

Living in an other country makes us aware of how we are different, as well as how we judge others for being not like us.

We all grow up in our own family, society, group and culture. We form our beliefs, make assumptions and take actions based on our conditioning and the teaching that is continually reinforced in our subconscious.

In a world where differences are spotlighted in the press and social media, it isn’t easy to find a state of balance.

May we all let go of assumptions and become open to differences. May we be curious about others and take time to understand their perspective.

May we not forget, that despite differences, we are all connected in humanity and love.

This is what truly brings us together.


rain in England

48 thoughts on “Just Because it’s Different …

  1. So true! Growing up back in India and with my family system, there was a solidity to what felt like true, though looking back I know I wasn’t content with it. After moving to US, the mind barriers as if opened up and so much became available to expand my perspectives. I found a different way of being at home with myself after leaving my home.

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    • Thank you PD for sharing. Living in a new country is transformational … if we let our minds open up to new perspectives. I think it was the first step in my journey towards awakening. 💛


  2. Wonderful to have cross-cultural trainers and travel opportunities, to gently remind us the art of thinking in terms of tolerance and forgiveness, openness. A wonderful post, dear Val, thank you.

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  3. There are certain words which may hold particular meaning to every individual. I think ‘truth’ is indeed one of those words. Because if you think about it, what may be a truth for me, may not be
    a truth for you. Is it still truth? Now, of course, you will be asking, is this really ‘true’? Another
    ambiguous word.

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  4. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately. There are lots of truths. I’ve been thinking how I treat what is not my truth as “wrong.” It is realizing that true, right and wrong are not my call?

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  5. Val, thank you for this important message. I hope that we can learn to see that different can be wonderful. I am grateful to you and all the many others who are helping with communicating between cultures.

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  6. The “truth” is, that while we’re all having this experience of what we’ve named life, or whatever it is we’re experiencing, not one of us know the actual truth, nor will we while in this experience. Think of the old-time original video games *yes I just dated myself hehe* … if you knew the truth about how to get to the last level … one would never learn how to play the game, they’d skip all of the possibilities, all of the various experiences, all of the lessons. That’s kind of my truth … enjoy the experience, the differences, the possibilities and the countless perceptions. And that Dear Val, is my truth. 🙂 ~Namaste ❤

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    • OK let’s try that again. This is really hard to write comments on an iPhone but it’s all I’ve got on vacation 🤣 anyhow, I thought gosh, I could totally live here. If it weren’t for the weather. But then you know, we moved instead to Hawaii years ago. I’ve always been drawn to different. It’s humbling and broadens one’s outlook. Great subject. 😘

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  7. This is a message we always need to hear, but the reminder seems even more important today as it is all too comfortable sticking close to our little pods of like-minded people. It’s a lot easier digging in and holding onto our personal beliefs with no room to include others! The whole world would feel more united if we could really believe this message of inclusivity and really live it. You have said it beautifully, Val.

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  8. A valuable post Val, and a good reminder, because while ever we each speak our own truth, our perceptions change, and what may have been our truth yesterday has changed because we have new information now at hand.. ALL things change.
    Our differences make us who we are, and we should embrace our differences, our unique styles, and our opinions,our various cultures.
    All too often we point out differences as faults.. judging all the time,
    I always remember my Gran telling me, ‘ People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones’ how true this saying is..
    The world right now in its political arena is doing just that, throwing stones, hoping to crack windows and break down and destroy others simply for holding a different view point.
    People have lost sight of the view even as they are too busy picking up stones to throw..
    People no longer listen, because they are too busy talking above everyone else to get their own views across. The British Politics have been in Chaos recently because of this stance.

    If we were all the same what a boring world that would be…
    We need to find tolerance in others, and look within to find peace and really look in the mirror..

    A great, great post Val.. THANK YOU ❤

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